Whitney and Williams Will Meet Devereux and Hastings in Finals.

The semi-finals in the University doubles tennis championship were played off yesterday on Jarvis Field. R. N. Williams, Jr., '16 and E. H. Whitney '14 defeated F. B. Beal 2G. and H. T. Moore 3G. in straight sets, 6-2, 6-2, 6-3. Williams and Whitney displayed their usual form, being particularly strong when at the net. Williams proved to be very skillful in placing the ball. Beal and Moore, both good individual players, lacked the team play necessary in doubles and frequently lost points when a little co-operation would have won them.

In a long, hotly contested match E. R. Hastings '14 and J. C. Devereux '14 defeated H. A. Lawton 1L. and J. S. Pfaffmann, '16, 6-0, 5-7, 6-3, 9-7. After the first set which Devereux and Hastings won without much difficulty Lawton and Pfaffmann warmed up and took a deuce set at 7-5. Neither side played very hard in the third set and in the last, Devereux and Hastings jumped ahead at the start only to have their opponents tie them at 5 all, 6 all, and 7 all. Lawton and Pfaffmann played a strong up-hill game while Devereux and Hastings were forced to play their hardest only in the last set. The match was characterized chiefly by long, brilliant rallies.

There will be no tennis matches in the tournament today, the finals in both doubles and singles being played off early next week.