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The following communication by the committee in charge of securing low rates to the Princeton game shows the necessity of immediate action in the matter on the part of the student body:

Apparently the students of the University fail to appreciate the need for immediate action on their part in regard to the Princeton trip at reduced rates as tentatively arranged by the cheer leaders. The cheer leaders can arrange nothing definite with the railroad companies until the student body shows that it will support the movement to secure cheap rates for its benefit. It is imperative that each student who wishes to take advantage of the low fares sign immediately in the blue-books which are at the following places: Foxcroft, Memorial Hall, Leavitt & Peirce's the Rendezvous, and the Union.

Since all do not understand the plan as outlined in yesterday's CRIMSON, it seems advisable to elaborate certain features that were not fully touched upon. The trip to New York will be on the Fall River boat. These boats are equipped with staterooms which may be secured at various prices. There will be a supply of $1 and $2 rooms which will accommodate two men each. The men will therefore choose their room-mates and divide the cost of the stateroom. If it is possible, stateroom reservations will be sold by the committee with the transportation tickets for the round trip. If this plan fails the stateroom reservations will be bought separately by the students at the New Haven Railroad ticket offices.

Everyone should appreciate that the transportation rates are by the plan reduced 45 per cent. Every man should also remember that unless 300 men sign up at once the whole plan fails.

Possibility of Cheap Rates.

Saturday night will be spent in New York. The committee will co-operate with the members of the party, if enough men signify their intention of going, by obtaining special rates at New York hotels. Information on this point will be furnished when the transportation tickets go on sale.

If students wish parlor car accommodations on the train, returning Sunday afternoon, they will be able to get chairs at the time of buying their tickets.

Itinerary of the Trip.

The following schedule shows the plan of the trip in detail:

Friday, Nov. 7, 6 P. M.--Train leaves South Station for Fall River.

Saturday, Nov. 8, 7 A. M.--Boat arrives in New York. (Men may remain in staterooms after the steamer docks). *9.30 A. M.--Train leaves Penn. Station.

11.10 A. M.--Train arrives at Princeton.

2.00 P. M.--Football game.

Train returns to New York after the game.

*Time though still unsettled is approximately correct.

The time of the train leaving New York on Sunday will be determined by a preferential ballot when the men procure their tickets.

Cost of trip: Round trip, $5.80.

Berth in stateroom, 50 cents or $1.00.

Hotel, $1,00 and up.

Total, excluding meals, $7.30 or $7.80.

In closing, the committee wishes to emphasize to all the fact that it is waiting for the student body to declare itself. All men wishing to make the trip should sign the blue-books at once. Q. REYNOLDS. W. A. BARNON. JR.

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