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Items of Interest to University


Sign up for Opera Association.

Prospective members of the Harvard Opera Association are reminded of the fact that books to be signed by applicants are at the Union, Leavitt & Peirce's, Amee's, the Rendezvous, and the Co-operative Branch. The membership fee is $1, but the reductions for members are so liberal that should a member attend the Opera only once, the membership fee added to the price of the tickets would amount to less than the regular price for even a $4 seat. The reductions for members are as follows: $1.50 seats for 75 cents; $4 seats for $1.50; $6 seats for $2. The seats may be purchased at Amee's on the day of the performance. The opera season lasts 18 weeks, beginning November 24.

Socialist Club Meets Tonight.

The Socialist Club will hold the first meeting of the year this evening in Fairfax 32 at 8 o'clock. The program of speakers for this winter will be discussed and the general policy of the club will be outlined. Undergraduates will speak on special topics.

Efforts are being made to bring to the University as distinguished speakers as came last year, when such men as Victor Berger, Lincoln Steffens, and John Graham Brooks were included in the list. All men interested are cordially invited to attend the meeting this evening.

Football Song Competition Abandoned.

It has been decided to abandon the football song competition this year, and to devote the time usually given to rehearsing new songs to getting men more familiar with the old songs. Men who wish may write songs and send them to A. F. Pickernell '14. During the spring a song will be chosen and rehearsed in the fall. In this way musical men will have more time in which to work on their songs and the undergraduate body will have plenty of time to learn the one chosen.

Sophomore and Senior Bible Classes.

The Sophomore and Senior Bible classes will meet tonight at 6.45 in Brooks House. The opportunities which these classes offer are very unusual and more men should avail themselves of the privilege of attending them. The classes will be over by 7.20 leaving the evening free for later engagements. Dr. Fosbroke will continue his discussion of Old Testament subjects while Dr. Palmer with the Seniors will proceed with his talk on the "Life of Christ."

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