Drop Kick and Touchdown Registered Against University Yesterday--Brickley Slightly Injured.

In a hard, gruelling scrimmage which lasted a full hour the University football team yesterday succeeded in scoring 15 points to the second team's 9.

The play started on the University's 25-yard line with the second team on the offensive. After three unsuccessful attempts to gain through the line. Blake dropped back and kicked a field goal from the 30-yard line. The University team then received a kick-off, and carried the ball straight down the field by consistent line-plunging, showing an attack somewhat more powerful than usual. Brickley finally carried the ball over for a touchdown.

Third Score on Fumble.

Following this score, there was a great deal of desultory scrimmaging in mid-field until the University pushed its way to the 25-yard line; from there, Mahan kicked a field goal. The third score by the University team came soon afterwards, when Soucy picked up a fumble and ran from mid-field for a touchdown. The second team later was as fortunate, however, when a fumble by the University was recovered by Greene, who crossed the goal-line before he was tackled.

Penalties for holding and off-side play were frequently imposed upon the University team, especially when the opportunity of scoring was in sight. Captain Storer stayed out of the scrimmage but was on the field; Hitchcock and Hardwick were also out on account of slightly sprained ankles. Brickley was forced to retire from the scrimmage on account of an injury to his leg, but it is not thought that the hurt will prove serious. D. P. Morgan '16, left tackle on the Freshman team last fall, reported yesterday as a candidate for a line position. He is fast and aggressive and should prove a valuable addition to the squad.