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Despite the unfavorable weather and heavy track, some excellent performances were made in the fall handicap games held in the Stadium yesterday. The best race of the afternoon was the 880-yard run which resulted in a dead heat between G. Lamont '16 and R.D. Campbell '17, both men running from scratch. Lamont started early to cut down his handicap and at the quarter-mile mark was in first position with Campbell last of a field of a dozen. R. St. B. Boyd '14 ran well in the three mile race, while I. L. Foley '15 with a handicap of 2 ft. made even time in the 100 yard dash.

Scoring in the Events.

The summary:

100-yard dash. -- Won by I. L. Foley '15, 2 yds.; second, R.W. Stanley '17, 3 yds.; third, A. Biddle '16, 2 yds, Time, 10s.

80-yard hurdles.--Won by W.A. Meanix Uc.; second, W.G. Brackett, Jr., '14; third, M.P. Robinson '15. Time, 10 3-5s.

440-yard dash.--Won by T.R. Penny-packer '16, 10 yds.; second, F.F. Lloyd '16, 15 yds.; third, J.C. Rock '15. Time, 51 4-5s.

880-yard run.--Dead heat between G. Lamont '16, scratch, and R.D. Campbell '17, scratch; third, J.H. Spitz '17, 20 yds. Time, 2m., 8 4-5s.

120-yard hurdles.--Won by K.F. Pantzer '14; second, P.M. Rice '15; third, F.S. Allen '16. Time, 14s.

Three-mile run. -- Won by R. St. B. Boyd '14, scratch; second, C. Southworth '15, 50 yds.; third, H.G. MacLure '15, 75 yds. Time, 15m., 24 1-5s.

220-yard dash,--Won by A. Biddle '16, 3 yds; second, F.S. Allen '16, 3 yds.; third, J.L. Foley '15, 2 yds. Time, 23s.

Field Events.

16-pound shot-put. -- Won by W.H. Meanix Uc., scratch; second, J.H. Volkmann '16, 6 ft. Distance, 38 ft.

Running broad jump.--Won by W.L. Allen, Jr., '14, 6 in.; second, A.D. Chandler, Jr., '14, 11 in.; third, P.G.M. Austin 1G., 6 in. Distance, 21 ft., 6 in.

Running high jump.--Won by B. Randall Uc., scratch; second, E.C.B. Danforth '15, 3 in.; third tie between W.L. Allen, Jr., '14, 4 in., and A.P. Chandler, Jr., '14, 4 in. Height 5 ft., 10 1-2 in.

Pole-vault.--Won by G.G. Haydock '16, 7 in.; second, L.G. Richards '16, scratch; third, P.H. Smart '14, 6 in. Height 11 ft., 4 in.

16-pound hammer-throw.--Won by H. Burch '14, 5 ft., 6 in.; second, H. Sturgis '15, scratch. Distance, 131 ft., 2 1-2 in.

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