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Coach Jones of Yale has succeeded in developing a second string line which is in many respects the equal of his first string, and just what the final make-up of the latter will be is very uncertain. Wiser, Cornell, Pumpelly and Markle are back in the game after being on the injured list. Captain Ketcham will probably resume his place at centre owing to injuries to Marting who has been playing there lately. Stillman, Talbott and Pendleton are the most promising men for the tackle positions while Avery, Braum and Carter are running a close race for the ends. The position of quarterback seems to he the only one about which there is little doubt as Cornish is a clever player in running the team and carrying the ball. Ainsworth, Knowles, Wilson, Cornell, Castles, and Pumpelly are, in order, the first six men to fill the backfield positions. With the possible exception of Corbin, Captain Ketcham is undoubtedly Yale's greatest centre in the history of the game. He is the first centre rush to captain since Corbin's time, and is fully as resourceful as that famous captain. Cooney is out of the game temporarily, and possibly for the year, because of a wrenched knee.

The blue eleven expects a hard game when they face Washington and Jefferson today.

Princeton In Hard Struggle.

Princeton will face Dartmouth today with a great many weak points in the general make-up and methods of play of her team. While the Tiger offence with J.S. Baker as a clear-headed quarterback and accurate forward passer and three clever backs in Baker, Streit, and Trenkman is well balanced and aggressive, the defence has been characterized as antedeluvian. This applies principally to the ends who are coached to play a "waiting game," that is to break up the attack by waiting for the play to come to them instead of going in to get it. Captain Baker will be seriously handicapped in his punting if there is a wind, as he is more accurate in this department than he is strong. Today's game is the first important one on the Princeton schedule and a victory today will mean a great deal to the followers of the Tiger eleven.

Brown Lacks Team Play.

The Brown eleven has not showed much improvement since their poor exhibition against Pennsylvania last week. They seem to lack the proper team-play necessary for a successful eleven although there are a great many good individual players. Captain Henry is now on the injured list wth a bad hurt to his ankle and it is doubtful whether he will play today against the Springfield Y.M.C.A. A number of old players including Sprackling, captain of the 1911 team and "Brent" Smith have joined the coaching squad to get Brown into shape for their battle with Harvard.

Cornell vs. University of Pittsburg.

The outcome of today's game with the University of Pittsburgh will go far to show whether Cornell's recent slump is to be permanent or not. Cornell has been practicing both day and night in the baseball cage in order to be in the best possible condition to meet Pittsburgh. In spite of recent injuries the team will line up today in the same way as last week with the exception of Williamson who is out with a muscle bruise and who will be replaced at left tackle by Guyer. The team, as it will probably meet Harvard next Saturday, will average 175 pounds.

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