Attention Called to Regulations Regarding Nominations Due October 10.

Attention of the Junior and Sophomore classes is called to the following sections of the class constitutions:

Article HI, Section 4.--In the Sophomore and Junior years, the class officers shall have general charge of the elections which shall be held not later than the twenty-first day after the opening of College.

Section 5.--In the Sophomore and Junior years all nominations for class officers shall be made by petition, each petition to be signed by thirty-five members of the class. Such petitions shall be delivered to the secretary treasurer of the class not latter than the eighteenth day after the opening of College. The secretary-treasurer of the class shall publish the name of each nominee within twenty-four hours after receiving the petition nominating him. On the fifteenth day after the opening of College, a complete list of the nominations shall be published, together with a statement that additional nominations will be received until the eighteenth day after the opening of College.

Nominations Due October 10.

In accordance with these sections of the constitution, the last day for receiving petitions for nominations of officers of the classes of 1915 and 1916 will be Friday, October 10, 1913, and the election will follow at a date not yet settled by the class officers. Petitions for the class of 1915 should be handed to H. Francke '15, 7 Holyoke Place; for the class of 1916, to 2. Blanchard '16, 56 Plympton street.