Squads A and B Are Evenly Matched.--First Game on Wednesday.

Last week the Freshman football squad was given its first hard scrimmaging. The two squads A and B seemed very evenly matched and neither squad showed much scoring power.

Most of the time has been put in on thorough drills in the fundamentals and in signal practice. Every day the men were sent at the dummies and then given a long practice in passing the hall and in running through plays. The coaches have given especial attention to the line. Most of the men are heavy and powerful, but as yet they are not working together.

Among the backs, Harris seemed the most consistent and reliable performer although he had a close second in Ames. These two should supply the Freshmen with a pair of dependable men behind the line. Gesumkey of Squad B. has also showed up well as a backfield player.

It is probable that the line-up against Groton on Wednesday will be as follows: r.e., Coolidge; r.t., Sweetser; r.g., Pennock; c., Morgan; l.g, Duncan; l.t., Caner; l.e., Harte; q.b., Wilcox; r.h.b., Ames; l.h.b., Hitchcock; f.b., Harris.