The University crews have just finished a very encouraging week of practice. The men have rowed together well and the boats have gone very smoothly. The work has been very light, however, with a low stroke and particular attention to form. This will be the rule during most of the fall season. Captain Reynolds called out a large proportion of Sophomores in order to give all the best men in that class a thorough tryout on the University squad. The three coxswains are being shifted among the boats in order to test each one out thoroughly.

The Order.

The University crew rowed in the following order yesterday:

First.--Stroke, Chanler; 7, Murray; 6, Parson; 5, L. Curtis; 4, Harwood; 3, Reynolds; 2, Talcott; bow, Carver; cox., Kreger.

Large Freshman Squad.

A squad of 75 candidates reported for the fall practice of the Freshman crew Captain Reynolds outlined their season to them. After this they were given a short workout under the supervision of Coach Wray. Today one or two boats made up of men who have rowed before will be sent on the river, while the rest will be shown some of the elements of rowing on the machines.

Freshman Coaches Appointed.

J. E. Waid '10, captain of the 1910 crew, and R. F. Hooper '09, have been engaged to assist in coaching the Freshman crews this fall. With this able assistance, Coach Wray should be able to develop several good men to form a nucleus of the crew for next spring.

More Coxswains Needed.

About 50 men reported to Coach Brown yesterday for dormitory rowing. Five boats were made up in no special order and sent out to get things started. An urgent call is made for more coxswains. No previous experience is necessary, the only requirement being comparatively light weight. Any men showing ability as coxswains of these crews will stand a good chance of making good on the University squad in the spring.