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The work of the University football team and the substitutes against the second team in two hard scrimmages in the Stadium yesterday afternoon was on the whole rather discouraging. Its took the University half an hour of the hardest kind of work to score 9 points, while the second team twice rushed the ball from the middle of the field to within the 15-yard line. After the substitutes went in against the second there was but one score, a touchdown by Rollins for the former on a long run.

The scrimmage between the University and the seconds opened the afternoon. After a failure at a drop-kick from the 25-yard line by the second, a 25-yard run by Mahan, and an exchange of kicks, Hardwick made a good gain through the line, Brickley followed with another line plunge and Hardwick put it across for the only touchdown the University team made.

Brickley Kicks Goal.

Later in the scrimmage, Gilman recovered a poor pass by the second team centre on the University's 30-yard line. From here, Brickley's 35-yard gain and several good rushes by Hardwick and Mahan carried the ball to the second's 30-yard line. Here the seconds held for three downs, and forced Brickley to score on a drop-kick.

The substitutes made a poor showing against the seconds, though they scored 6 points to 0. Almost every good play in the scrimmage was balanced in the next by a blunder.

Freedley and Logan were the only first team quarters used, Bradlee not being given a chance. Two new ends, Howard and Whitney, have been added to the first squad in place of Gardiner and Smith, but being green at the position do not make up for the two injured men. C. J. Nourse, Jr., '09, centre of the 1908 team, helped with the coaching.

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