Preliminaries Will be Held Tomorrow But Men Must Sign up Today.

Preliminary trials for parts in the autumn production of the Dramatic Club will be held in the Trophy Room of the Union tomorrow afternoon from 1.30 to 5.30 o'clock. All men wishing to compete for parts in the play should sign up for trials in Brentford 33 this afternoon between 1.30 and 5.30 o'clock. Appointments for tomorrow will be made at that time.

The trial consists of a brief reading, preferably from a dramatic work, that shall give the judges an idea of a man's voice, bearing, and general stage presence. Parts in the play are open to all undergraduates and it is urged that members of the Freshman and Sophomore classes enter the competition. No stress will be laid upon the fact that a man has already acted with the club or is a member, but the trials are open equally to all undergraduates.

This not only applies to the competition for the acting end of the club but to the other departments as well. The stage end is very well organized and the organization makes it a point to stage its plays thoroughly. A good opportunity is offered in this department to those men interested in mechanical or electrical stage devices and new effects are continually being worked out. For those interested in financial management of dramatic enterprise, the business division offers practical training. Under this department is included press work and advertising, ticket distribution and other financial arrangements connected with play production. There will be a special meeting for these candidates at Duster 24 tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock.