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Ushers for the Brown Game


The following men have been appointed section heads: Sect. 1, H. Herminghans; Sect. 2, G. Whitehead; Sect. 3, J. R. Frobes; Sect. 4, L. O. Wright; Sect. 5, E. L. Wheaton; Sect. 6, A. E. Stow; Sect. 7, P. Pennoyer; Sect. 8, R. F. Foster; Sect. 9, A. C. Binder; Sect. 10, F. Fremont-Smith; Sect. 11, A. E. Whittemore; Sect. 12, F. C. Nelson; Sect. 13, W. H. Babbitt; Sect. 14, E. Davison; Sect. 15, A. S. Hyman; Sect. 16, C. W. Hager; Sect. 17, E. W. Cook; Sect. 18, J. E. Farley; Sect. 19, M. Cohen; Sect. 20, H. M. Haeusler; Sect. 21, M. V. Turner; Sect. 22, W. O. Taylor; Sect. 23, H. R. Guild; Sect. 24, W. Neaves; Sect. 25, C. A. Connor; Sect. 26, M. Friedburg; Sect. 27, A. J. Mannix; Sect. 28, W. B. Sloane; Sect. 29, H. A. Brickley; Sect. 30, R. L. West; Sect. 31, E. L. Sinclair; Sect. 32, R. Bowser; Sect. 33, F. E. Richter; Sect. 34, W. Faulkner; Sect. 35, J. C. Corliss; Sect. 36, C. L. Churchill; Sect. 37, R. G. Donahue.

The following men should report to A. C. Munger on the reserved seat side, sections 1 to 13, inclusive: Sect. 1, T. E. Benner (A), M. S. Bowman, A. Miller (B), C. C. Cowan (C), F. J. Crehan (D), H. Cohen (E); Sect. 2, E. C. Davison (A), G. H. Durgin, K. C. Richmond (B), C. Freedman (C), S. M. Gardner (D), L. M. Farrin (E); Sect. 3, G. W. Giklin (A), A. M. Herbsman, J. Lorenz (B), T. R. Kendall (C), M. Lavetts (D), J. J. Keating (E); Sect. 4, J. C. Sullivan (A), R. W. Nelson, H. J. Weldon (B), N. A. Pope (C), H. A. Scrandon (D), D. White (E); Sect. 5, L. S. Roberts (A), H. W. O'Conner, E. J. Schoen (B), J. F. Seal (C), S. Sewall (D), G. K. Noble (E); Sect. 6, W. Almeda (A), L. M. Middlemas. A. Trista (B), F. McCarthy (C), E. Griffin (D), W. H. Shattuck (E); Sect. 7, R. V. Clearly (A), H. Daniels, G. W. Fryer (B), H. A. Swan (C), H. S. Randall (D), S. M. Richardson (E); Sect. 8. F. R. Churchill (A), E. S. Nelson (B), R. A. Cutting (C), P. Elliott (D), J. D. McKinley (E); Sect. 9, A. B. Herberick (A), J. J. Hamberg, B. R. Wilson, Jr. (B), L. A. Lawler (C), A. Lawson (D), E. P. Felker (E); Sect. 10. V. Rees (A), J. L. Phelon, J. P. Higgins (B), W. E. Lundquist (C), M. J. Hamburg (D), V. J. Kirov (E); Sect. 11, F. C. Wilson (A), W. B. Wickliff, H. H. Kitsis (B), G. P. Harrington (C), B. H. Torrence (D), J. E. Welch (E); Sect. 12, L. Wald (A), S. D. Smolev, P. Blumberg (B), H. P. Carter (C), R. F. Brundage (D), B. Clark (E); Sect. 13, A. R. Ginsburg (A), W. J. Dean, L. P. Rice (B), S. W. Morgan (C), J. B. Moyer (D), J. D. Kirkpatrick (E); Sect. 14, M. Berman (A), R. L. Ohman, C. Laparte (B), J. T. Beal (C), I. Bernstein (D), P. Aronson (E).

The following men should report to L. A. Noble, who will be incharge of the bowl, sections 15 to 25, inclusive; Sect. 15, B. Morrison (A), A. B. Andrews, C. H. White (B), E. Bernhard (C), E. N. Siskind (D), J. A. Swinson (E); Sect. 16, W. H. Beckman (A), C. C. Keedy, J. D. Ryan (B), E. W. Duggan (C), C. Southworth (D), C. H. Marsh (E); Sect. 17, C. Neal (A), L. S. Levy, M. I. Weisman (B), M. Davis (C), G. G. Korolick (D), L. Wheeler (E); Sect. 18, S. L. Seiniger (A), M. Guren, H. Gilman (B), Horace S. King, Harold S. King (D), S. E. Vitkin (E); Sect. 19, B. B. Cohen (A), S. J. Beck, A. Hartlein (B), C. H. Jameson (C), W. I. Tibbetts (D), R. C. Jackson (E); Sect. 20, B. S. Collins (A), A. R. Sinns, H. C. Gill (B), W. C. Packard (C), W. A. O'Shea (D), R. M. Foster (E); Sect. 21, J. W. Feeney (A), H. Slepian, J. P. Thurber (B), C. Park (C), R. Moore (D), J. L. Morris (E); Sect. 22, A. L. G. Jensen (A), E. G. Mead, S. A. Smith (B), B. A. Pearson (C), G. Wasser (D), R. N. Shaw (E); Sect. 23, S. S. McCulloch (A), T. D. Bowl, P. E. Sloane (B), P. Slepian (C), D. H. Stuart (D), L. H. Bevier (E); Sect. 24, M. Croll (A), S. Siniger, D. Sagor (B), N. Krichbaum (C), H. R. Kale (D), M. A. Cohen (E); Sect. 25, C. F. Merriam (A), A. A. Shapiro, H. Shapiro (B), C. Romberg (C), T. M. Judson (D), T. F. Schofield (E).

The following men should report to R. S. Hubard, who will be in charge of the season ticket side, sections 26 to 37, inclusive: Sect. 26, P. Barnet (A), R. G. Pears, E. T. Leddy (B), E. H. Furman (C), L. Brockenshire (D), H. Bertram (E); Sect. 27, R. W. Chadbourn (A), F. L. Clark, H. Cohen (B), J. Coolidge (C), G. T. Dickson (D), M. Friedman (E); Sect. 28, J. B. Shohan (A), H. H. Schier, J. A. Crotty (B), C. Levin (C), A. Caplan (D), B. Winkelman (E); Sect. 29, W. Haughton (A), J. B. Morrill, J. J. Collins (B), J. F. Dobbyn (C), E. T. Feinburg (D), N. Silbert (E); Sect. 30, H. S. Keelan (A), A. K. Hobby, W. Berman (B), F. T. Smith (C), H. S. King (D), R. P. Jacobs (E); Sect. 31, J. W. Lincoln (A), M. N. S. Kjorlang, W. Gresser (B), N. E. Lincoln (C), O. C. Moles (D), A. Fleisher (E); Sect. 32, D. B. McKinnon (A), P. B. Potter, H. Rose (B), W. L. McLane (C), J. Watch-maker (D), C. W. Day (E); Sect. 33, C. L. Sushelsky (A), N. L. Tory, M. Taylor (B), G. W. Tobin (C), J. Rose (D), B. Robinson (E); Sect. 34, P. H. Raymond (A), C. J. Twomey, G. H. Sullivan (B), A. Lawson (C), F. E. Snell (D), F. B. Sargent (E); Sect. 35, A. W. Vinal (A), P. A. Kober, J. S. Mitchell (B), L. B. Arey (C), A. G. Bloomberg (D), R. R. Smith (E); Sect. 36, B. J. Haggard (A), W. A. Elliot, F. P. McNamara (B), E. Galligan (C), W. B. Feiga (D), H. Bennison (E); Sect. 37, W. H. Davidson (A), P. Eaton, D. Lewis (B), T. J. Read (C), A. H. Sanborn (D), S. A. H. Rick (E). End of Stadium, Sect. 37, G. F. Hart (A), E. A. Roberts, H. C. Lendell (B), A. B. See (C), M. Levitt (D), L. Rubin (E).

The following men report to A. Beane, head usher: H. R. Donaghue, F. Johnson, H. Lawther, R. Lawther, F. W. K. Smith, P. D. Wesson, L. F. Fowler, R. W. Dixon.

"Men marked "A" stand at the foot of the stairs; "B" stand at the first opening; "C" stand at second opening; "D" stand on colonade; "E" stand on the wooden stands by the track. Luncheon will be served in the baseball cage between 11.45 and 12.30 o'clock, and no usher will be admitted to the field after 12.10. Ushers must be in their assigned places not later than 12.30 o'clock and remain there throughout the game. Men who do not show up at the Brown game will not be allowed to usher at the Yale game, and men who do not abide by the above rules will be deprived of their badges and ejected from the field.

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