These Have Won the Letter in Major Sports.--One In Tennis.

There are at the present time 68 men in the University who have won their "H" in one or more of the five major sports, and one who was specially awarded an "H" for tennis. In all, 80 "H's" have been awarded to present members of the University, several men having won more than one "H." Two men, H. R. Hardwick '15 and R. B. Wigglesworth 1L., have won a letter in three sports, while seven, C. E. Brickley '15, O. M. Chadwick 3L., H. R. Hitchcock, Jr., '14, F. D. Huntington 2L., M. B. Phillips '15, L. Withington 3L., and P. Withington 4M., have won two "H's" each.

Thirty-one preparatory schools are represented in the list, Exeter and Middlesex being tied for first place with 8 "H" men each. Next on the list come Groton and Milton Academy, with seven men each, and after them Oahu College and Noble's, with six each. Of the 31 schools, 16 are private and 15 public; the public schools won, however, only 21 of the 80 letters.

26 of the letters were won in track, 17 in football, 15 in crew, 12 in baseball, 9 in hockey, and 1 in tennis.

Following is a table of all schools represented by more than one "H" man in order of their representation:   Football.  Hockey.  Crew.  Track.  Baseball.  Total. Exeter,  1  1    4  2  8 Middlesex,  2    4  2    8 Groton,  1  2  2  2  2  7 Milton Academy,  2  2    1  2  7 Oahu College,  3    2    1  6 Noble's,  1  1  1  2  1  6 Newton High,    2    1  1  4 Andover,      1  2    3 Cambridge Latin,  1    1  1    3 St. Paul's,  1  2        3 Roxbury Latin,  2          2 St. Mark's,  1  1        2 Stone,  1      1    2 All others,  1    4  10  3  18             -- Total,            79 Tennis "H",            1               --     17  9  15  26  12  80

Other preparatory schools were represented by one man in the various major sports as follows:


Track.--Boston High School of Commerce, Brookline High, Central High (St. Paul's, Minn.), Francis Parker School (Chicago), Quincy High, Lynn Classical High, Morristown, Newbury-port High, Salem High, and Springfield High.

Baseball.--Arlington High, Montclair High, Pomfret.

Crew.--Eastside High (Denver), Eton College, Smith Academy, Western High (Washington, D. C).


Following is the complete list of "H" men:

Track.--J. I. Abbott '14, Lynn Classical High; W. B. Adams 1M., Springfield High.; P. G. M. Austin 1G., Morristown; W. A. Barron, Jr., '14, Middlesex; F. H. Blackman '14, Cambridge Latin; R. St.B. Boyd '14, Exeter; C. E. Brickley '15, Exeter; J. B. Camp '15, Exeter; F. W. Capper '15, Brookline High; B. S. Carter '15, Groton; O. M. Chadwick 3L., Exeter; J. B. Cummings 1L., Stone; F. C. Gray 2L., Nobel's; H. R. Hardwick '15, Groton; B. D. Hodges 3L., Salem High; A. L. Jackson '14, Andover; B. N. Jones 2L., Newburyport High; T. W. Koch '14, Central High St. Paul's, Minn.); W. H. Lacey 2M., Quincy High; F. H. Leslie 2Dn., Milton Academy; H. G. MacLure '15, Newton, High; J. C. Rock '15, Boston High School of Commerce; E. D. Smith, 1L., Francis Parker School (Chicago); H. S. Sturgis '15, Andover; R. Tower '15, Middlesex; P. R. Withington 2M., Nols.

Football. -- F. J. Bradies '10 St. Mark's; C. E. Brickley '15, Exeter; E. A. Graustein 1G.S., Cambridge Latin; H. R. Hardwick '15, Groton; H. R. Hitchcock, Jr., '14, Oahu College, Hawaii; F. D. Huntington 2L., St. Paul's; E. A. Lingard 1L., Middlesex; F. J. O'Brien '14, Roxbury Latin; D. C. Parmenter 1M., Stone; S. B. Pennock '15, Hackley; R. T. P. Storer '14, Noble's; W. H. Trumbull '15, Middlesex; P. L. Wendell 1M., Roxbury Latin; F. Wigglesworth '15, Milton Academy; R. B. Wigglesworth 1L., Milton Academy; L. Withington 3L., Oahu College, Hawaii; P. Withington 4M., Oahu College, Hawaii.

Crew--C. T. Abeles 1L., Smith Academy (St. Louis); L. S. Chanler '14, Eton College, England; W. T. Gardiner '14, Groton; B. Harwood '15, Middlesex; T. J. D. Fuller '15, Western High, (Washington, D. C.), L. K. Lunt, 4M., Middlesex; G. M. MacVicar '15, Cambridge Latin; L. H. Mills '14, Middlesex; H. A. Murray '15, Groton; Q. Reynolds '14, Andover; L. Saltonstall '14, Noble's; F. H. Trumbull '14, Middlesex; J. E. Waid 3L., Eastside High (Denver); L. Withington 3L., Oahu College, Hawaii; P. Withington 4M., Oahu College, Hawaii.

Baseball.--E. A. Alsop '15, Groton; R. R. Ayres '15, Montclair High; J. P. Carr 3L., Milton Academy; S. P. Clark '14, Pomfret; R. B. Frye '15, Exeter; R. T. Gannett '15, Noble's; H. R. Hardwick '15, Groton; H. R. Hitchcock, Jr., '14, Oahu College, Hawaii; R. P. Osborne '14, Newton High; M. B. Phillips '15, Milton Academy; R. B. Wigglesworth 1L., Milton Academy; D. J. P. Wingate '14, Exeter; W. B. Young 1M., Arlington High.

Hockey.--O. M. Chadwick 3L., Exeter; W. H. Claflin '15, Noble's; S. T. Hopkins '14, Newton High; F. D. Huntington 2L., St. Paul's; H. C. Morgan '14, St. Mark's; M. B. Phillips '15, Milton Academy; P. H. Smart '14, Newton High; R. B. Wigglesworth 1L., Milton Academy; W. A. Willetts '14, St. Paul's.

Tennis.--R. N. Williams, Jr., '16, prepared abroad.