Distributed Over 10 States and Island Possession of Hawaii.

The homes of the thirty-five men on this year's University football squad are distributed over ten states and one Island possession, Hawaii. Of the states, Massachusetts easily leads with eighteen, New York coming next with six, the remaining eight states of Georgia, Michigan, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon, and California having one apiece. Hawaii stands third with three men to her credit.

Those coming from Massachusetts and their native cities are as follows: F. J. Bradlee '15, Boston; C. E. Brickley '15, Everett; T. J. Coolidge '15, Boston; R. R. Cowen '16, Cambridge; L. Curtis '16, Boston; R. C. Curtis '16, Boston; H. R. Hardwick '15, Quincy; M. J. Logan '15, Boston; E. W. Mahan '16, Natick; F. J. O'Brien '14, Roxbury; W. Rollins '16, West Roxbury; E. W. Soucy '16, Forest Hills; R. T. P. Storer '14, Boston; W. H. Trumbull, Jr., '15, Salem; W. J. Underwood '15, Belmont; D. C. Watson '16, Milton; M. Weston '15, Cambridge; and W. Whitney '16, Newton. From this list it is seen that Boston has six representatives, Cambridge and Roxbury each two, and Everett, Quincy, Natick, Salem, Belmont, Milton, Newton, and Forest Hills each one.

Of the six men from the state of New York, four come from New York City, the remaining two, S. B. Pennock '15 and W. A. Willetts '14 coming from Syracuse and Skaneateles, respectively. H. R. Amory '14, G. Bettle '14, W. B. D. Dana '14, and D. P. Morgan '16 all hail from New York City.

The three men whose homes are in Hawaii are J. A. Gilman '16, of Honolulu; H. R. Hitchcock, Jr., '14, of Pukoo, Molokai; and F. B. Withington '15, of Honolulu.

The remainder of the squad with their respective states and towns are H. M. Atkinson '15, of Atlanta, Ga.; J. L. Bigelow '16, of Ann Arbor, Mich.; G. L. Elken '15, of Mayville, N. Dak.; V. Freedley '14, of Philadelphia, Pa.; G. A. McKinlock, Jr., '16, of Lake Forest, Ill.; J. W. Middendorf '16, of Baltimore, Md.; L. H. Mills '14, of Portland, Ore.; and D. J. Wallace '16, of Pasadena, Calif.