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Good Transportation Facilities Arranged by the Railroads.


The following trains on the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad will be found most convenient for those wishing to return to Providence, New London, New Haven, and New York after the game:

Merchants Limited.--Leaves South Station, 5 P. M., Back Bay, 5.04; arrives New London, 7.23 New Haven 8.23, New York, 10.10. Pullman parlor cars, dining car, and buffet smoking car only. Special parlor car tickets required on this train. Note.--All trains reach Providence approximately one hour after leaving Boston.

No. 25.--In two sections: first leaves South Station, 5.30 P. M., Back Bay, 5.34; second, 5.33 and 5.38. Approximate arrivals: New London, 8.14, New Haven, 9.20, New York, 11.20.

Special.--Returning to New Haven. Leaves South Station, 6.10 P. M., Back Bay, 6.14; arrives Providence, 7.15, New London, 8.45, New Haven, 9.50. Coaches and parlor cars.

No. 69.--Leaves South Station, 11.40 P. M., Trinity Place, 11.44; arrives New York, 6.53 A. M. Sleeping cars ready at Boston at 10. Does not pass through Providence.

No. 1.--Midnight Express.--Leaves South Station, 12.00, Back Bay, 12.05; arrives New York 6.57 A. M.

No. 3, The Owl.--Leaves South Station, 1.00 A. M., Back Bay, 1.05; arrives New York, 7.05. Special sleeping car tickets required. Cars ready at Boston at 10.

In addition to the regular train service tomorrow, the five-hour limited trains, Boston to New York, will be run as on week-days, leaving Boston at 10 A. M. and 1 and 5 P. M. Special tickets required.

Boston and Albany Trains.

The following trains over the Boston and Albany Railroad will be found convenient for those returning to Worcester, Springfield and Albany.

No. 49.--Leaves South Station, 4.45 P. M., Trinity Place, 4.49; arrives Worcester, 5.23, Springfield, 7.20, Albany, 11.28.

No. 29, Springfield Express.--Leaves South Station, 5.00 P. M., Trinity Place, 5.04; arrives Worcester, 6.06, Springfield, 8.00.

No. 39.--Leaves South Station, 5.52 P. M., Trinity Place, 5.56; arrives Worcester, 6.58, Springfield, 8.24, Albany, 11.55.

No. 37, Pacific Express.--Leaves South Station, 7.35 P. M., Trinity Place, 7.39; arrives Worcester, 8.46, Springfield, 10.18, Albany, 1.48 A. M.

No. 43, Albany Night Express.--Leaves South Station, 11.15 P. M., Trinity Place, 11.19; arrives Worcester, 12.26, Springfield, 2.10 A. M., Albany, 6.50.

No. 69, Paul Revere Express.--Leaves South Station, 11.40 P. M., Trinity Place, 11.44; arrives Worcester, 12.55; Springfield, 2.30 A. M.

Trains from Allston to Boston will leave at 4.14, 4.34, and 5.28; to Riverside, 4.37 and 5.01. The Allston station is south of the Stadium about six minutes walk.

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