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Review of Illustrated

By J. C. Talbot .

The current number of the Illustrated contains a selection of articles all of which are of value to the thinking undergraduate. The opening article, that on "Football and Personality" is a well-expressed statement of what each Harvard man feels, and is a tribute to the Harvard captain of '09.

"An aspect of Football Ethics," as given by Mr. Parke H. Davis of Princeton is a broad and enlightening explanation of the "scout system" as employed in present day football. The illustrations accompanying the article are good but are not essentially descriptive of the content of the article.

Quite the antithesis of the former illustrations are those in the article on "Forward Passes," written by Mr. Leary '05. Each of the pictures illustrates a point made by the writer, who traces the evolution of the forward pass since its crude origin in 1906. Mr. Lothrop Withington 3L., in his subject of "Harvard Linemen," reveals a few facts about men who have played in the line at Harvard, showing that their average standard has not been up to that of the men who have played in the Harvard backfield.

"Managerships as an Undergraduate activity" as seen by Mr. G. F. Plimpton '14 gives a statistical account of the percent of Harvard managers who later enter business. He also shows the excellent advantages offered at Harvard to give men business training while competing for a manager's position.

The longest article is by Mr. M. Maxwell entitled "How Rugby Football is Played." The account is clear, interesting, the instructive and expresses the writer's opinion as to the relative merits of American football and those of Rugby football.

Mr. E. W. Moses, of the University of Wisconsin and previously of Harvard '15, has written an excellent essay on "Civic Spirit and the Harvard Forum." The main theme of his essay is the complaint that so little interest is taken by American students in public affairs. The writer deplores the fact that the class room is the only place where the student concerns himself with public conditions and urges in order to counterbalance this fact that the students at Harvard affiliate themselves with the Forum.

"A Harvard Man in Mexico" describes the unusual experiences in Mexico of a Harvard undergraduate who is thoroughly conversant with the present Mexican tradition.

The photographic editor should be praised for his illustrations, which are consistently good.

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