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Complete Statement of Cheering Expenses at Games Given Out


The cheer leaders have given out a complete statement of the red handkerchief sale and the brass band expenses for the football season of 1913. Previous to the Princeton game, the amount of money collected at mass meetings and by the sale of Princeton excursion tickets was $465.22. The expenses, which consisted of bands at two mass meetings and at Princeton, amounted to $310.40, leaving a balance on hand of $154.82 after the Princeton game.

By collections in the Union and another mass meeting, the sum of $224.74 was obtained which with the previous balance gave a total of 379.56. Expenses for the hands at the last mass meeting the parade, and the Yale game amounted to $410, leaving a deficit of $30.44. In addition, 10,919 red handkerchiefs were purchased at a cost of $318.23, 6,288 of which were sold at 5 cents a piece bringing in $314.40, leaving a deficit on handkerchiefs of $3.83 and a total deficit of $34.27. This among and the band deficit was advanced by the Athletic Association.

There are now 4,631 handkerchiefs left over for next year. These are already paid for and can be sold next year at 5 cents apiece for a clear profit of $231.55, at which time the money advanced by the Athletic Association will be returned.

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