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The New England Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools held a business meeting last Saturday in the New Lecture Hall. Reports of officers and committees were read and the following officers for 1913-14 were elected: president. Ernest Carroll Moore; vice-presidents, Mary Emma Wooley, Alfred Ernest Stearns; secretary-treasurer, Walter Ballou Jacobs; secretary-treasurer emeritus, Ray Greene Huling; executive committee, J. A. Thomas, Ellen Fitz Pendleton, Abbott Lawrence Lowell, Eugene Dexter Russell, and Caleb Thomas Winchester.

The general subject for conference was "Measurement of Efficiency in Instruction." President Lowell, speaking on "The Measurement of Efficiency in College," emphasized the need of such measurement today, especially in America. Here we are prone to theorize and rely on formulas, always endeavoring to set in motion machinery which will run itself. On the whole, there is a general relaxation in matters regarding education, able boys coming to college at 19 with an education they should have acquired at 16. President Lowell further pointed out the need for independent examiners, to test the measure of efficiency, who would look for evidence of diligent work and a thorough grasp of principles together with a proper knowledge of facts.

Superintendent Frank E. Spaulding, of Newton, spoke on "The Measurements of Efficiency in Secondary Schools," while Professor George D. Strayer of Teachers' College, Columbia University, gave a very interesting talk on "Is Scientific Accuracy Possible in the Measurement of Efficiency in Instruction."

The summary follows:

1. J. S. Hoffmire, Cornell, 31m., 47 2-5s.

2. R. St.B. Boyd '14, 32m., 24 4-5s.

3. F. H. Blackman '14, 32m., 26 2-5s.

4. C. L. Speiden, Cornell, 32m., 38 1-5s

5. H. G. MacLure '15, 32m., 48 4-5s.

6. C. Southworth '16, 33m., 5s.

7. E. P. Stone '15, 33m., 10 1-5s.

8. J. C. Ward, Jr., Cornell, 33m., 26 4-5s.

9. J. L. McGolrick, Cornell, 33m., 39 4-5s.

10. A. G. Cadiz, Cornell, 33m., 50 3-5s.

11. D. J. Potter, Cornell, 33m., 55 1-5s.

12. E. J. Tinkham, Cornell, 33m., 58s.

13. W. M. Tugman '14, 33m., 58 1-5s.

14. H. S. Kinsley, Cornell, 33m., 58 2-5s.

15. B. V. Zamore '15, 34m., 12 4-5s.

16. J. M. Fredickson, Cornell, 34m., 27 1-5s.

17. A. J. de Gozzaldi '14 34m., 30 2-5s.

18. A. R. Boynton '14, 34m., 39 3-5s.

19. K. E. Fuller '16, 34m., 48 4-5s.

20. W. Edgar '16, 35m., 4s.

21. W. Kent, Cornell, 35m., 50s.

22. W. A. Peckham '15, 35m., 52s.

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