The Senior election for Class Secretary, members of the Class Committee, the Class Day Committee, and the Photograph Committee will take place in Phillips Brooks House today between 8 A. M. and 6 P. M. Charles Hinds Crombie, of Roxbury, has withdrawn his nomination for the Class Day Committee. The list of nominations is as follows:

Secretary.--George Faulkner Plimpton, of Buffalo, N. Y.; Leverett Saltonstall, of Chestnut Hill.

Class Committee (two to be elected),--William Andros Barron, Jr., of Newburyport; William Cheney Brown, Jr., of Hartford, Conn.; William Tudor Gardiner, of Gardiner, Me.; Stephen Tullock Hopkins, of Newtonville.

Class Day Committee (seven to be elected.--George Lowell Aspinwall, of Chestnut Hill; Griscom Bettle, of New York, N. Y.; Sydney Proctor Clark, of Chestnut Hill, Pa.; Henry Gilbert Francke, of Cambridge; Harvey Rexford Hitchcock, Jr., of Pukoo, Molokai, Hawaii; John Angus Milholland, of New York, N. Y.; Francis Joseph O'Brien, of Roxbury; Robert Palmer Osborn, of Watertown; Arthur Calvert Smith, of Milton; Charles Graves Squibb, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; Edward Herbert Whitney, of Brookline; William Allen Willetts, of Skaneateles, N. Y.; Dana Joseph Paine Wingate, of Winchester.

Photograph Committee (three to be elected).--Vinton Freedley, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Talbot Otis Freeman, of Medeld; James Alexander Henderson, of Johnstown, Pa.; Russell Hawes Kettell, of Lexington; Olin Glenn Saxon, of Garden City, L. I.; Franklin Hunt Trumbull, of Salem; Richard Dexter Walker, of Malden.

Unless the proper number of men are voted for for each committee, the ballot will be invalid for that committee. No Senior will be eligible to vote unless his name has previously been registered on the voting list.

Communication From Class Marshals

Today we elect officers and committees that will have to do a large amount of work, both before Class Day and in the years to come. Consequently, we must elect men who will be best able and fitted to do the work. It is essential that all men in the class take this into consideration and elect those who will be most willing to devote their time to the interests of the class. R. T. P. STORER.   Q. REYNOLDS.   L. H. MILLS.

Watchers at Polls

The following Juniors have been appointed as watchers at the polls during the Senior elections today. Men who for any reason cannot come at the hours stated must in all instances send substitutes, 8-9, F. L. Cole, H. F. Moncrief; 9-10, L. Osborne, R. W. Kean; 10-11, E. S. Handy, L deJ. Harvard; 11-12, H. P. Trainer, C. A. Herter; 12-1, T. W. Storrow, R. Sanger; 1-2, G. W. Merck, T. J. D. Fuller; 2-3, J. S. Fleek, F. Graves; 3-4, R. L. Redmond, E. Reynolds; 4-5, C. F. Ilsloy, H. A. Vogel; 5-6, T. E. Murphy, T. D. Nesbit.