28 Students Plan to Visit Convention on Foreign Missions Held in Kansas City During the Recess.

The seventh International Student Volunteer Convention for Foreign Missions will be held in Kansas City from December 31 to January 4. About 28 Harvard students will attend, leaving Boston December - 29 and returning the day before College re-opens. In Kansas City, they will be entertained in the houses of citizens and at the Harvard Club. The men attending the convention will be required to pay only one third of their expenses, the remainder being supplied by Phillips Brooks House, the Christian Association, and various individual graduates and undergraduates.

This convention is international in character, drawing together some 6000 men from all parts of the United States, and from many foreign countries. This year, among those expected to be present are John R. Mott, W. J. Bryan, and possibly President Wilson.

Large Delegation from Harvard.

The Harvard delegation purposely includes many of the younger men in College, as it is believed that the University will be best represented by them. The following is a list of those who plan to go: P. G. M. Austin '13, of Santa Barbara, California; A. C. Binder '16, of Cambridge; P. Bradley '16, of Lincoln; D. Campbell '17, of Mt. Hamilton, Cal.; W. Campbell '16, of Mt. Hamilton, Cal.; F. Chang '14, of Chefoo, China; L. Chang 1G., of Lahina, Hawaii; W. Chen, sub-Freshman, of Springfield; R. M. Cook '17, of Worcester; T. B. Gill '15, of Cambridge; L. deJ. Harvard '15, of London, England; A. B. Haw 1G., of Ottumwa, Ia., H. A. Larrabee '16, of Melrose; T. L. Li, uC., of Cambridge; J. C. Manry '14, of Atlanta, Ga.; P. A. Means '15, of Boston; L. A. Morgan '17, of Potwin, Kan.; G. W. Nasmyth 1G., of Ithaca, N. Y.; W. B. Prinie '15, of Springfield; A. E. Restarick '15, of Honolulu, Hawaii; C. H. Smith '15, of Cambridge; H. Thomas 3M., of Wollaston; N. L. Torrey '15, of Bedford; E. L. Tiffany uC., of Dayton, O.; B. H. Torrance '17, of Atlanta, Ga.; R. T. Wee uC., of Hu-yang, Tong Hsein, Ho-non, China; F. B. Withington '15, of Honolulu, Hawaii; L. O. Wright '14, of Chihuahua, Mexico; Z. Zee '14, of Shanghai, China.