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How many times have we sat at breakfast, that meal when spirits are at their ebb, and berated the Faculty for the rules which they were going to pass for Freshmen in the dormitories by the river. This morning we are all shamed by the announcement of the rules which have been passed. For once, Being and Not-Being have become nearly one. The few simple regulations for future Freshmen will silence even those who have been most rabid in their antipathy to the parietal schemes which had occurred to them. We are glad to know that attendance at meals in the dormitories will not be compulsory, that men will not have to be in at ten or out all night, and that the Goodies will not be used as spies on innocent Freshmen who fail to make port before the cold gates of the buildings close. We ought to wonder how we ever conceived of such dreadful things. Probably this primal simplicity will become a little complicated as experience teaches wisdom, but we may be certain that in this case real red tape will always be avoided.

The next interesting part of this morning's announcement is the means by which every Freshman will be given a room at a moderate price and at a price which he can afford to pay. There will be reasonable increase in comfort for many men and a decrease in cost for almost all. Economical living will not suffer in the least.

A simple step has been taken in the right direction. We hope that following steps will lead to more and more favorable criticism until the grumblers and doubters have gone from our midst.

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