Will be Held at Soldiers Field on May 30 and 31. A Few Minor Changes in Rules Adopted.

The Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletes of America has decided on Soldiers Field as the place for the annual intercollegiate games of 1913. The games will be held on Friday, May 30, and Saturday, May 31.

The association adopted the regulations of the international Olympic committee, making it compulsory for contestants in relay races to carry a baton, which must be handed to each succeeding contestant, with special judges at each relay to see that the change is properly made.

It was also decided to construct a wire cage partly around and above the circle from which the hammer is thrown to prevent a wild throw from crashing into the crowd.

The association also passed a rule that hurdles must be of such weight and stability as to be neither readily displaced nor broken by a competitor striking them.

Walter Tufts, Jr., '13, of Boston, was elected to the executive committee.