Crimson Calendar

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Monday, February 10

First term-bill due.

Second half-year begins (except in the Graduate School of Business Administration, the Medical School, and the Dental School).

Dramatic Club play competition closes.


10.30.--Meeting of President and Fellows at 20 State street, Boston.

2.30.--**King's Chapel Lecture on "Chapters in the History of Mohammedanism. 1. Theology of the Koran," by Professor G. F. Moore in King's Chapel, Boston.

4.30.--Seminary of Economics. "A Chinese. Note Five hundred years Old," by A. MacF. Davis in Upper Dane.

5.00*--Physical Colloquium. "The Gyro Compass," by Harry Clark, in Jefferson, Room 25.

8.00.-- Modern Language Conference. "Courtly Love and the Virgin Queen," by Dr. Percy W. Long, in Conant Common Room.

Tuesday, February 11.

4.00.--Special meeting of Faculty of Arts and Sciences in University 5.

4.30.**--Geological Conference. "Dana's Confirmation of Darwin's Theory of Coral Reefs," by Professor W. M. Davis, in the Geological Lecture Room.

5.00.--Lenten services at the Episcopal Theological School.

9.00.--Sophomore smoker in Union.