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Christian Science by Judge Smith


"To understand Christian Science, one must understand the difference between the real man and the mortal conception of man," said Judge Clifford P. Smith in his lecture last night on Christian Science. Christian Science does not ignore conditions and frailties of the human mind but "offers to improve all human conditions until they disappear, giving way to divine reality."

It has been believed for centuries that the Kingdom of Heaven lies on the other side of death. "This," said Judge Smith, "is like saying that one moves toward an object while going in the other direction." Evil is the origin of death, and how can evil possibly lead us to God.

Christian Science, while agreeing that cleanliness of body and surroundings are desirable attributes, stands out more strongly for inward cleanliness and purity of thought.

The subject which interests the public of today is how to gain dominion over adverse conditions. Dominion is not the power to work against the natural laws of the universe, or against one another, but is "the power to overcome evil by good." There are three requirements to be met before man's dominion can be realized. First: Man cannot exist separate from God. To find the real man we must therefore begin with God; that is, we must know God. Second: We must understand what is to be overcome. The human mind is like an atmosphere in which both evil and good messages are discharged. We must learn to accept only the good. Third: We must have knowledge necessary to resist these evil messages: "Evil must be met and conquered in its origin, the mind."

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