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Percentages of Men Dropped and Placed on Probation as Result of Mid-Year Examinations.


The total number of students dropped from the College as a result of the 1912-13 mid-year examinations is 31. Of this number, 58 per cent is the result of "closed probation"; the remainder, or 42 per cent, is made up either of men dropped from previous classes, who are "requested to withdraw" from the College on account of second failure, or of men entered last fall on trial, who are "allowed to withdraw" on account of immediate failure. The last group is naturally drawn entirely from the class of 1916 and the unclassified.

Not a single man, who entered with the Senior class, has been dropped from the College at this time; 29 1-3 percent of the number dropped by class are those who entered with the class of 1914; 33 1-3 per cent are those who entered with the class of 1915; and 37 1-3 per cent are those who entered with the class of 1916. These figures show how men, deficient in their studies, are gradually weeded out until by the time of their Senior year there are few, if any, left.

The total number of students placed on probation as a result of the mid-year examinations is 90. Of this number 7 7-9 per cent are ranked Seniors; 13 3-9 per cent are ranked Juniors; 37 7-9 per cent are ranked Sophomores; the same number are ranked Freshmen; and 3 3-9 per cent are unclassified. These figures show practically the same feature, noted in regard to the figures concerning men dropped from the College, namely, as a class approaches its Senior year the proportion of its deficiency in scholarship becomes correspondingly less.

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