At the meeting of the Athletic Committee held in University Hall yesterday afternoon, the most important action taken up was that of voting that hockey be made a major sport upon the recommendation of the undergraduate members of the committee. The insignia will be a crimson "H" with a narrow white border on a black sweater.

The committee approved the recommendation of the Student Council that B. C. Cartmell '16, of Howe, Ind., be awarded his football numerals. The following appointments were confirmed: A. B. Conant '13, of Littleton, as manager of the lacrosse team in place of W. W. Davies, resigned; L. Cunningham '15, of Brookline, as second assistant base ball manager; and E. S. Draper, Jr., '15, of Hopedale, as second assistant hockey manager. A vote was taken on the question of allowing graduates to play on the soccer team, but was withheld till later.

The proposed race between the two championship class crews of Harvard and Yale was approved and will occur on the Charles River on May 17, the only expense to be incurred by the authorities being the railroad fares.

The committee took no action on the inclusion of Columbia in the triangular boat race with Princeton and Pennsylvania. The matter was left in the hands of the management of the crew and it is announced by the latter that Columbia will not race here on that date. The reason for the action is the narrowness of the Charles River, which will scarcely allow three eights to row side by side at certain portions of the course.

The following track schedules were approved:


University Track. .

May 10.--Cornell at Cambridge.

May 17.--Yale at New Haven.

May 30.--and 31.--Intercollegiates at Cambridge.

Freshman Track.

May 3.--Exeter at Exeter.

May 10.--Andover at Andover.

May 17.--Yale 1916 at Cambridge.