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The Federation of Territorial Clubs has planned a booklet to be sent to prospective Sub-Freshmen of the University. The Federation was formed last fall by some thirty territorial clubs for the purpose of unity among themselves and of spreading interest in Harvard in different sections of the country. In its work the Federation has received the backing of President Lowell, the New England Harvard Clubs, the Associated Harvard Clubs, and the student body.

The present plan to publish a booklet of information about the University has been approved by the Alumni Association which has started the contributions. About 5000 copies will be printed and distributed through the constituent territorial clubs of the Federation which will send them to their home towns and schools. A booklet which serves this purpose is published by other colleges and is necessary to give the school-boy in the West and South that knowledge of life in the University which no list of studies or mere description of buildings can impart. That the information given may be unprejudiced and convincing undergraduates of varied activities and achievements have been chosen to write the articles.

Plan of Booklet.

The general plan of the booklet may be outlined as follows: The publication will have an attractive cover, will be profusely illustrated, showing University buildings, scenes, and athletic contests. A preface will state the undergraduate character of the book, and will acknowledge the contributers--financial and literary--while articles taken up in the following order will set forth Har- vard life. The heading is given and the positions held by the writer. Article 1. "Relation of the Federation to the Sub-Freshman," by the president of the Federation. Article 2. "Academic Advantages," by a man who is on the CRIMSON, the Advocate, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Article 3. "Athletics," by the five major sport captains with the minor sports treated by a man prominent in athletics and the president of the CRIMSON. Article 4. "Undergraduate Publications," by a man who is an editor of the CRIMSON and the Advocate, and who is vice-president of the Union. Article 5. "Religious Interests," by the vice-president of the Christian Association. Article 6. "Social Clubs," by an undergraduate who is president of the Student Council and of Phillips Brooks House. Article 7. "Other Interests," by an editor of the CRIMSON, the Lampoon, and a member of the University football team. Article 8. "The Law School, by the president of the Law Review. Article 9. "The Medical School," by a prominent Medical School student. Article 10. "Other Graduate Schools," by members of the respective schools. Article 11. "Finances," by the editor-in-chief of the Illustrated. The booklet will close with a list of the members of the territorial clubs of whom further information and assistance may be obtained by those intending to come to the University.

A plan so comprehensive as this will necessarily involve considerable expense and it is hoped that both graduate and undergraduate clubs will realize the importance of the project by giving it their strong support. Contributions may be sent to G. G. Geraghty '14, Randolph 39

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