Crimson Calendar

*Open to University. **Open to Public.

Monday, April 21.

Last day for handing in essays for Harvard Menorah Society Prize.

8.45.--*Morning prayers.

9.00-1.30.--All undergraduates must register.

3.30.--**Interclass lacrosse. Freshman vs. Sophomores.


4.30.--Faculty of Divinity. Meeting at Faculty Room, Divinity Library.

4.30.--*Seminary of Economics. "The Organization of Agricultural Interests." Professor Carver. Upper Dane.

5.00.--*Physical Colloquium. "The Constitution of the Electric Spark." W. O. Sawtelle. Room 25, Jefferson Physical Laboratory.

8.00.--Modern Language Conference. "The Meaning of the Word 'Romantic'." Professor Babbitt. Common Room of Conant Hall.

8.00.--**Lecture. "The Organization of the Forces in the Industrial Arts of Contemporary Germany." (Illustrated). Dr. Peter Jessen, of the Royal Museum of Industrial Art at Berlin. Lecture Room of Fogg Museum.

Tuesday, April 22.

8.45.--*Morning Prayers.

11.00.--Dental Faculties Association of American Universities. Business meeting. Dental School, Longwood avenue, Boston.

4.00.--**Finals in interclass lacrosse.

5.00.--Lectures on the Professions. II. "Medicine as a Career and Preparation in College Therefore," Dr. F. C. Shattuck. "Architecture as a Profession." C. A. Coolidge. New Lecture Hall. Open only to 1916.