Two University and two Freshman crews reported for vacation work last Wednesday morning. As a result of the race the day before vacation there were several changes in the two University boats, principally the replacing of Pirnie at stroke and Reynolds at seven by Chanler and H. H. Meyer of the second boat. Pirnie was moved to two, sending Trumbull to stroke of the second; and Reynolds went to three. Stratton went to three in the second crew, sending Murray to seven.

There were no permanent changes in the Freshman crews, but Chichester, the first stroke, was ordered to rest for the week. His place was filled by Busk from the second crew, which in turn was stroked by Wilson. Also Emerson, the bow on the first crew was sick and Herrick replaced him.

On Saturday morning the crews raced in the basin, the second Freshmen having a two-length lead over the University crews at the start. The water was choppy, and the second University crew, using the short-sterned shell, found it hard to keep their boat straight. Under the circumstances the oarsmanship was satisfactory, and at the finish the first University crew led, with the first and second Freshmen and the second University crews close behind.

Orders of the Crews.

During the week the orders have been:


University crews.--First: stroke, Chanler; 7, H. Meyer; 6, Harwood; 5, Mills; 4, Goodale; 3, Reynolds; 2, Pirnie; bow, E. D. Morgan; cox., C. T. Abeles.

Second: stroke, Trumbull; 7, Murray; 6, MacVicar; 5, L. Curtis; 4, G. Meyer; 3, Stratton; 2, Taylor; bow, Carver; cox., A. T. Abeles.

Freshman crews.--First: stroke, Busk; 7, Soucy; 6, Gilman; 5, Schall; 4, Boyer; 3, Potter; 2, D. P. Morgan; bow, Herrick; cox., Holland.

Second: stroke, Wilson; 7, H. Middendorf; 6, J. Middendorf; 5, Lyman; 4, Parson; 3, Jeffries; 2, Talcott; bow, Boynton; cox., Krieger.