Creditable Showing Made in Amateur Athletic Games on Saturday.

The training table for the University track team began last Thursday and about forty men returned for practice in the afternoon. Under Coaches Donovan and Shrubb practice was held both Friday morning and afternoon, and after a light work-out Saturday morning a number of the men ran in the amateur athletic games held under the auspices of the city of Boston at the North End Park at 3.30 o'clock.

Amateur Athletic Games.

About forty entries were made by members of the University and of the six events entered, four first, two second, and two third places were won. The showing was very creditable as it was the first meet for the men this year and the track was smaller than they have been accustomed to use. The prizes were gold and silver watches for first and second places, and silk umbrellas for third place.

The men entered in the six events, placed as follows:

Three mile run. F. H. Blackman '14, 170 yards, first.


880-yard run. W. M. Danner '13, 30 yards, second; R. G. Huling '13, 10 yards, third.

440-yards run. R. H. Delafield '16, 19 yards, first.

Mile run. H. G. MacLure '15, 45 yards, first; H. M. Warren '13, 30 yards, second.

100-yard dash. J. A. Garvey '14, 5 1-2 feet, first; E. W. Mahan '15, scratch, third.