Harvard Clubs in West Unite to Fulfill Purposes Similar to Those of Eastern Organizations.

The Pacific Branch of the Associated Harvard Clubs was recently organized at a meeting at the University Club, San Francisco, the organization being subject to later ratification of the various clubs on the Pacific Coast and the Associated Harvard Clubs. The charter members of the Pacific Branch are the Harvard Clubs of Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, Portland, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Southern California, Spokane, and Tacoma.

The formation of this Pacific Branch of the Associated Harvard Clubs is an important step, in that it means that the Branch can perform for the constituent clubs and for the University a service similar to the one now rendered by the New England Federation of Harvard Clubs, and the Associated Harvard Clubs. The great distance, not only from Cambridge, but between the various clubs, makes organization even more necessary. An additional reason, also, lies in the fact that comparatively few graduates living on the Coast find it possible to get to the meetings of the Associated Harvard Clubs, held generally in some city in the Middle West.

Dr. T. W. Huntington '76 and W. Bassett '97 were elected President and Secretary, respectively. The following committee was appointed to present the constitution of the Pacific Branch to the Associated Harvard Clubs, at their meeting in St. Louis on May 23, 24: A. L. Mills '81, of Portland; V. M. Porter '92, of Santa Barbara; W. Thomas '73, of San Francisco; with the following alternates: R. Jones '92, of Los Angeles; R. H. Bollard '05, of Seattle.