University and Freshman Matches Scheduled for This Afternoon.

Trials for the University and Freshman tennis teams were held yesterday afternoon, and will be continued on the Jarvis Field courts today.

Courts on Soldiers Field Open.

The tennis courts on Soldiers Field have been put in condition and are ready for play. As a number of the Jarvis Field courts are reserved for University and Freshman tennis team trials, men not playing such matches will have a better chance to play at Soldiers Field than on the other courts.

Matches Scheduled for Today.

The following matches are scheduled for today in the University trials: at 2 o'clock--A. J. Lowrey '13 vs. E. R. Hastings, Jr., '14, R. Morris '14 vs. H. Minot '13, J. C. Devereux '14 vs. E. H. Woods '14, G. Kayser '14 vs. Q. A. S. McKean '13, R. L. Whitman '14 vs. E. S. Draper '15, O. Williams '14 vs. D. Kimball '15, R. G. Vickery '13 vs. R. H. Kettell '14, D. A. Steele '13 vs. L. Wade, 2d, '14; at 3.30 o'clock--S. Minot '13 vs. H. A. Lawton '14, W. W. Whitney '15 vs. D. B. Buffum '14, G. Strugis '13 vs. M. A. Hofer '15, G. F. Plimpton '14 vs. T. B. Lewis '13, C. A. Herter '15 vs. H. Wainwright '15.

Matches in Freshman Trials.

The following matches are scheduled for today in the Freshman trials: at 3.30 o'clock--A. N. Guimaraes vs. G. H. Lyman, Jr. J. H. C. Penhallow vs. H. G. Nichols, C. W. Purdy vs. H. R. Clapp: at 4.30 o'clock--H. S. Morse vs. J. L. Kimberley, D. Rumsey vs. C. D. McDuffle, W. Campbell vs. W. W. Weld, J. S. Pfaffman vs. J. Wooldridge, A. S. Peabody vs. A. D. Holmes, C. C. Felton vs. L. Curtis, 2d, F. S. Hyde vs. W. F. Hunt, A. F. Doty vs. L. W. Devereux, F. M. Estes vs. T. L. DeCamp.