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Twenty-five Entries in List.--Announcements Regarding Games.


Twenty-five teams have been entered in the Leiter Cup series, play for which was started last Monday on Soldiers Field. This is the largest entry list in the history of the annual scrub baseball series.

The first twenty games will be a preliminary elimination round, the teams being matched against each other by lot until only six remain undefeated. These six will then be formed into a league to play a round robin for the championship. Silver cups will be awarded the members of the winning team.

The Wampuses will meet the Nonfeasants in the second game of the series on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 4 o'clock, the contest being postponed from yesterday. The captains of the teams are reminded that the game will be defaulted unless the results are reported at the CRIMSON Office before 7 o'clock.

In the following list of teams, several men are entered on more than one squad. These men can play on only one team, and must leave word at the CRIMSON Office stating their choice. No changes will be allowed in the make-up of the teams after the beginning of the final round robin.

Make-up of Teams.

Team 1, Comedy of Errors -- H. F. Mann '16, captain, H. S. Barnes '16, B. J. Carney 1G.B., A. Dixon, 3d, '16, F. M. Estes '16, D. Foster '16, D. M. Lord, Jr., '16, R. Kuhn, Jr., '16, K. F. Pantzer '14, W. F. Power '16, K. Schlademan 1L., H. F. Smith '16.

Team 2, We Should Worries -- S. L. Kuhn '16, captain, W. Blanchard '16, H. R. Clapp '16, W. D. Crane '16, T. Dean '16, C. F. Farrington '16, T. P. Fowler '16, S. B. McKinley '16, L. P. Mansfield '16, D. Miller '16, D. Moffat '16, N. Morse '16, M. P. Starr '16, S. E. Stuart '16, W. W. Weld '16, P. H. Wood '16.

Team 3, Wampuses--E. W. Petterson '14, captain, W. Campbell '15, M. H. Cochran '15, W. H. Glennon '16, D. Greene '16, D. B. Jennings uC, G. C. Lawrence uL., G. W. F. Keller '13, J. S. King '13, B. D. McLean '15, E. E. Reese '14, E. R. Schiller '14, L. C. Wing '16.

Team 4, Non-feasants--L. Lipper 1L., captain, R. P. Bagg 1G.B., R. L. Carter uL., H. A. Cohn '14, R. P. Goldman 2L., M. Greenbaum 1L., B. N. Jones 1L., C. C. Keedy 1L., A. R. Lawther 1L., H. P. Lawther 1G., M. F. Little 1L., J. D. O'Connell 1L., T. H. Remington 1L., F. M. Reyher 1G., J. H. Riley 1L., H. Siefke 1L., L. S. Walling 1L.

Team 5, D. Plus's--E. L. Sliney '16, captain F. B. Carroll '16, J. J. Cronin '16, W. H. Glennon '16, H. Goodspeed '16, J. B. Herron 1G., A. V. Keene '16, W. T. Powers '16, H. H. Shaw '16, W. S. Vaughan '16, R. W. White '16.

Team 6, the Grinds -- L. Shapiro '15, captain, H. Cohn '15, H. J. Ettlinger 3C., H. B. Goodfriend '14, L. Kovalsky 3 Dv., M. Sandler '13, D. M. Satz '15, S. H. Schwartz '15, J. Sissonsky '14, J. Spear 1G., M. Suravitz 1L., N. Yamins 3L.

Team 7, Rookies--E. L. Griffith uC., captain, A. B. Cypert 1L., P. S. Davison '16, F. J. Bird uC., V. Hatch '14, W. G. Helfrich 1L., C. V. Holloway 1L., J. G. Dunn 3L., R. H. Magwood '14, T. L. Marshall 3L., W. M. Briggs 1L., W. G. Hill '13, G. C. McLaren 3L., K. Schlademan 1L., D. J. Wallace uC.

Team 8, Mud Sox L. Hemenway '15, captain, F. J. Bradlee, Jr., '15, F. Brooks '15, D. C. Cottrell '15, H. W. Frothingham '15, A. O. Hoyt '15, D. Josephs '15, M. Mitcholl '15, W. A. Parker '15, S. D. Stevens '15, B. B. Williams '15, H. M. Wright '15.

Team 9, Fly Bitta Thies R. F. Babcock '16, captain, H. Amory '16, G. F. Beal '16, R. T. Bean '16, F. B. Carroll '16, J. W. Casey '16, J. A. Doherty '16, S. A. Hartwell '16, G. A. McCook '16, A. K. Small '16, H. W. Wainwright '15, D. H. Whittemore '16, R. W. Wood '16.

Team 10, Roughnecks W. L. McLean '14, captain, W. M. Applebaum '13, P.

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