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(We invite all men in the University to submit communications on subjects of timely interest, but assume no responsibility for sentiments expressed under this head.)

To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

Under the present system two is the largest number of tickets to the Yale boat races for which you may apply, and you are warned that if you apply for more than one, there is a great probability that you will get none.

One has not the chance to see good boat races as one has to see good football games. The Harvard-Yale football game is not the only good football game in the country, but the Yale race is almost the only four-mile race. The races on the Charles are short and there is no way to see more than a portion of one.

The race at New London comes in a week that is devoted to Seniors and those graduates who are holding special reunions. Many graduates have their wives with them; most Seniors, relatives. It is very hard on these men, especially if they come from a distance and can only get back to Harvard for the big reunions, to have to miss the race because they can only get a ticket for themselves. The graduates do not like to leave their wives out of the fun, and the Seniors do not like to go alone when none of their family can go.

Under the present system the Senior or graduate who lives for from Cambridge does not dare to apply for two tickets for fear of getting left altogether. It would be justice, not injustice to give preference to (1) Seniors. (2) graduates who are back for their 25th inniversary, and (3) graduates back for their decennial reunion. To give men preference on the three great times when their class tries to be present as a whole is surely as rational as to give preference to the uppr classes over the lower as is done at the Yale football game. The Athletic Association might even give each member of the above mentioned classes two tickets before filling any other applications.

Either proposed arrangement would make it likely that every Harvard man saw two or three races. Now some never see any, and others, who live in New England or New York, see five or six, because they can apply year after year for two tickets and are lucky part of the time.

The applications are not due until June 2, so the Association has still time to act, Hoping that you will get the opinions of the Senior and other classes on this matter, I am. A. SENIOR.

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