Class Day Tickets Mailed

Stadium Tickets--Rain Checks.

The Class Day tickets that were assigned on the first application were mailed yesterday, and any man who finds an error in the filling of his application should make a complaint to the Class Day Committee as soon as possible. The chairman, R. B. Batchelder '13, will hold office hours in Thayer 37 daily, except Saturdays, from 2 to 2.45 P. M.

In case of rain on Class Day it will be necessary to hold the usual Stadium exercises in New Lecture Hall and Sanders Theatre and, since those two halls together hold only about one-quarter of the number that can be accommodated in the bowl of the Stadium, it is possible to issue only one rain check to every four Stadium tickets. Furthermore, owing to possible errors in filling applications it may be that some men have not been given rain checks. Any Seniors finding that to be the case should see the chairman of the committee.

The Senior Spread tickets are not yet ready for distribution and will be sent out later, together with the invitations for guests.

Baccalaureate Hymn Chosen.


The Baccalaureate Hymn written by Daniel Sargent, of Wellesley, has been selected to be sung at the Baccalaureate services on Sunday, June 15. It will be sung to the tune of "Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand," which was used both last year and the year before. The other men in the competition for the hymn may obtain their manuscripts from the chairman of the Class Day Committee, if they so desire.