What is Going on Today

*Open to University. **Open to Public.

Last day for Juniors to make application to have degree taken in 1913 recorded "as of 1914" in the Quinquennial Catalogue.

8.45.--*Morning prayers.

10.30.--**Harvard tennis team vs. Yale at Longwood.

2.30.--**New England intercollegiate track meet in Stadium. Finals.

2.30.--**Rowing. Harvard vs. Cornell on Lake Cayaga, Ithaca, 1916 vs. Cornell 1916.


2.30.--**Golf. Harvard vs. Williams, at Springfield.

3.00.--**Baseball. Harvard vs. Princeton at Princeton. Second team vs. Groton, at Groton. 1916 vs. Exeter.

3.00.--**1916 tennis team vs. Yale 1916 on Jarvis Field.