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Crimson Calendar

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All notices for the weekly CRIMSON Calendar must be placed in the notice box in the CRIMSON Office on Fridays before 5 o'clock, marked "For the CRIMSON Calendar."

Monday May 5.

8.45.*--Morning prayers.

3.00.**--Tennis. 1916 vs. Worcester Academy, at Worcester. Class Championships begin.

4.00.**--Lecture. "Wild Wheat in Pales tine." Dr. Aaron Aaronshon. Nash Lecture Room, Botanical Museum.

4.30.*--Seminary of Economics. "The Tin Plate Industry and the Tariff." Mr. D. E. Dunbar. Upper Dane.

5.00.*--Physical Colloquium. "An Account of Some Throttling Experiments with Superheated Steam." Mr. H. M. Trueblood. Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Room 25.

8.00. -- Modern Language Conference. "The Wild Irish." Mr. E. D. Snyder.--"English Stage Conditions in the Early Nineteenth Century." Mr. E. B. Watson. Common Room, Conant Hall.

8.00.--1915 class entertainment in Union.

Tuesday, May 6.

8.45.--*Morning prayers.

4.00.--Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Meeting at University 5.

4.00.**--Baseball. Harvard vs. Lafayette

8.15.**--Harvard Dramatic Club. Spring production. First performance. Hasty Pudding Theatre.

Wednesday, May 7.

8.45.*--Morning prayers.

4.00**--Baseball. 1916 vs. Milton, at Milton. Second team vs. Haverhill High.

8.15.**--Harvard Dramatic Club. Spring production. Second performance. Hasty Pudding Theatre. Undergraduates' Night.

Thursday, May 3.

8.45.--**Morning prayers.

3.00.--Golf. Harvard vs. Brookline Country Club, at Brookline.

3.00.**--Tennis. Harvard vs. Technology.

4.00.**--Baseball. Harvard vs. Catholic University.

4.45.* -- Harvard. Zo-ological Club "Growth Changes in Brittle Stars." Dr. H. L. Clark. Room 46, University Museum.

8.00.**--Boylston Prize Speaking Contest. Finals. Sanders.

8.00*--Harvard-Andover Divinity Club. Address by Mr. G. W. Coleman, Common Room. Divinity Hall.

8.00.*--Undergraduates' Economics Society. Meeting. Topic: "Transportation." Westmorly 101.

8.00.*--Harvard-Andover Divinity Club. "Getting Together: An Essential of Democracy." Mr. G. W. Coleman, Peabody Hall, Brooks House.

Friday, May 9.

8.45.--*Morning prayers.

2.15.**--Harvard Dramatic Club Spring production. Third performance. Plymouth Theatre.

3.00.**--Tennis. Harvard vs. Pittsburgh.

8.00.*--Harvard Engineering Society. "The Development of the Electric Railway." (Illustrated). Mr. F. D. Everett. Pierce 202.

Saturday, May 10.

8.45.*--Morning prayers.

2.30.**--Triangular crew race between Harvard, Pennsylvania, and Princeton. Class Races.

2.30.**--Dual track meet. Harvard vs. Cornell. 1916 vs. Andover, at Andover.

3.00.**--Baseball: Harvard vs. Holy Cross, at Worcester. Second team vs. Durfee High. 1916. vs. Worcester Academy.

3.00.**--Intercollegiate shooting matches, at Princeton.

3.00**--Tennis. Harvard vs. Longwood. Interscholastics.

3.00**--Lacrosse. Harvard vs. Hobart, at Geneva, N. Y. 1916 vs. Brooklyn Boys' High.

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