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The Freshman four-oared crew will race Middlesex over a short course on the Upper Charles this afternoon at 12.45 o'clock. The Middlesex crew, which is reported to be very strong, will arrive at 9 o'clock this morning bringing its own shell. The Freshmen will row in the following order: Stroke, Lund; 3, W. Middendorf; 2, H. Middendorf; bow, Whitmarsh; cox., Enright.

Shifts in Varsity and 1916 Boats.

The University eight held two practices yesterday, a long one in the morning and a shorter one in the afternoon. Both were somewhat hampered by rough water. In the morning session, there was no change from Thursday's shift, but in the afternoon Morgan and Stratton changed places, the former going to 3 and the latter to 7. The order: Stroke, Harwood; 7, Stratton; 6, Goodale; 5, MacVicar; 4, G. Meyer; 3, Morgan; 2, Trumbull; bow, Reynolds; cox., A. C. Abeles.

Both of the University four-oared crews underwent changes in order yesterday as follows: 1st crew: Stroke, Chanler; 3, Murray; 2, Fuller; bow, Carver; cox., A. T. Abeles. Second crew: Stroke, Pirnie; 3, Mills; 2, Gardiner; bow, Saltonstall; cox., Gallaher.

In the Freshman crew, the only shift was the substitution of H. Middendorf for Gilman. The former has been improving rapidly during the past few weeks. The order: stroke, Chichester; 7, Schall; 6, Parson; 5, Soucy; 4, H. Middendorf; 3, Potter; 2, Morgan; bow, Lyman; cox., Kreger.

The Freshmen will not row today, but will probably rest until they go to New London. The University eight and four-oared crews will end their work on the Charles today by two practice sessions. The plans at present are to leave for Red Top on Monday, so as to start work on Tuesday morning.

The following men will be taken to Red Top:

University squad--A. T. Abeles '13, C. T. Abeles '13, E. K. Carver '14, L. S. Chanler, Jr., '14, L. Curtis, Jr., '14, T. J. D. Fuller '15, W. T. Gardiner '14, A. M. Goodale '13, B. Harwood '15, G. M. MacVicar '15, G. vonL. Meyer '13, L. H. Mills '14, E. D. Morgan, Jr., '13, H. A. Murray '13, W. B. Pirnie '15, Q. Reynolds '14, L. Saltonstall '14, G. F. Stratton '13, F. H. Trumbull '14, and managers A. S. Neilson '13, G. L. Aspinwall '14, and R. C. Cobb '15.

Freshman squad--F. W. Busk, L. S. Chichester, W. F. Enright, R. F. Herrick, Jr., H. L. F. Kreger, C. C. Lund, G. H. Lyman, H. S. Middendorf, J. W. Middendorf, D. P. Morgan, K. B. G. Parson, T. H. Potter, C. E. Schall, E. W. Soucy, J. Talcott, F. H. L. Whitmarsh, and managers S. M. Felton, Jr., and D. W. King.

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