The Princeton crew will arrive here this evening, in preparation for Saturday's race, and will go directly to Holworthy, where it will stay during the rest of the week. The Pennsylvania crew will arrive tomorrow morning, and will put up in Thayer. As these crews are in training, it is essential that there be no noise in the Yard at night. Both boats will also arrive tomorrow morning and will be rigged at once at the Weld boathouse, so that the crews may practice twice a day, to get used to the conditions on the course.

Race Saturday at 5 o'clock.

The race will be rowed on Saturday, probably at 5 o'clock after the dual track meet with Cornell. Lieutenant Jonas Ingram, U. S. N., will be the referee.

The class crews will race about a half an hour before the University race. On Saturday, no one but the University crew will be allowed in the Newell boathouse, and no one who is not going to race in a class crew of on one of the visiting crews will be allowed in the Weld boathouse.

Coach Wray Rowed in First Boat.

The University crew was slightly handicapped yesterday by the temporary absence of Goodale, who was indisposed. Coach Wray, however, rowed in his seat at 6, and the boat seemed to go well. The crew is using the new American boat recently received from Ellis Ward of Philadelphia.

Apparently Monday's shift in the Freshmen crew was not satisfactory, for yesterday Coach Wray had put the two Middendorfs back in the second boat, and had transferred Herrick and Talcott from how and 2 in the second to the same seats in the first, thereby sending Potter back to his former seat at 3. That makes yesterday's order:

Stroke, Chichester; 7, Soucy; 6, Gilman; 5, Schall; 4, Parson; 3, Potter; 2, Talcott; bow, Herrick; cox., Krieger.