Second Match of Season.--Finals of Class Tournament.

The University tennis team will meet the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Jarvis Field this afternoon at 3 o'clock. In the singles matches the team will play in the following order: 1, Whitney; 2, Washburn; 3, Hastings; 4, Woods; 5, Lowrey; 6, O. Williams. In the doubles the team will play as follows: 1, Whitney and Washburn; 2, Woods and Lowrey; 3, Devereux and Hastings. This will be the second intercollegiate meet of the season for the University team, which defeated Amherst, 4 to 2, last Saturday afternoon.

Finals in Class Tennis.

The final matches in the upper class tennis tournaments and the 1916 semi-finals will be played this afternoon. In the finals matches will be for three out of five sets. The schedule follows:

1913.--Jarvis Field at 2.30 o'clock: H. G. Smith vs. N. E. Paine, Jr.

1914.--Jarvis Field at 2.30 o'clock: G. Bettle vs. J. J. Armstrong, the winner to play D. B. Buffum at 3.30 o'clock.


1915.--Jarvis Field at 2.30 o'clock: D. Kimball vs. E. H. Heminway.

1916.--Soldiers Field at 2.30 o'clock: J. Wooldredge vs. W. B. Kahn, L. W. Devereux vs. C. C. Felton.