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The past year in athletics has been an exceptionally successful one. The baseball and crew seasons are of course not yet finished; but other Harvard teams have already brought home four intercollegiate championships, and two sectional championships. In football, hockey, cross-country, and soccer, Harvard teams were the undisputed title holders; the rifle team was the winner of the eastern division of the shooting league; and the lacrosse team the winner of the northern division in its league. The track team, although it lost to Yale by a narrow margin, defeated Cornell, and fell but three points short of winning the intercollegiate meet. Teams in the minor sports not mentioned here have not been so strong.

What may be expected of the five major sport teams in next year's contests is outlined below. Hockey appears for the first time in the major sport classification this year, the long agitation over it having been brought to a head in the spring and its advancement from the minor sport category recommended by the Student Council and approved by the Athletic Committee.

Hockey Seven Loses Only Two Men.

With only two regular members of last winter's championship hockey seven lost by graduation, the prospects for next year are more than usually bright. Captain H. B. Gardner in goal, and A. M. Goodale at coverpoint are the losses. The forward line which started against Yale in the last game of the year will return intact, and W. A. Willetts '14 will form a nucleus for the defence. For the other defence positions W. H. Claflin, Jr., '15, who played coverpoint on his Freshman team and part of last year may be returned to that positions to work with Willetts. Or, as other possibilities, there will be P. M. Brown '15, substitute last year, and A. F. Doty of last year's Freshman team. To fill H. B. Gardner's place at goal the leading candidates will be G. M. Carnochan '14 and C. E. G. Ervin '16. Carnochan was goal on his Freshman team and a substitute on the University squad last winter, while Ervin performed brilliantly on his Freshman seven.

Last year's forward line was composed of Captain A. F. Sortwell '14, S. T. Hopkins '14, M. B. Phillips '15, and W. H. Claflin, Jr., '15. One position may be left open by the removal of Claflin to the defence and all of the men will have to contend with H. C. Morgan '14, P. H. Smart '14 and D. R. Hanson '14, "H" men last year; S. Adams '14 who was on the squad two years ago, but unable to play last year; and the Freshmen. Of these Captain E. M. Wanamaker and D. P. Rumsey appear probable University material.

Crew Material Abundant.

The crew prospects for next year look very promising from the abundance of material which now seems available. From the squad now at New London, only six men will graduate this week, two of whom are coxswains. Besides Captain C. T. Abeles and his brother A. T. Abeles, these men are G. F. Stratton, A. M. Goodale, and E. D. Morgan, Jr., who row 7, 6, and 3, respectively in the eight; and G. vonL. Meyer, Jr., who is rowing 2 in the four-oar. In the competition to fill their places next year, H. A. Murray '15, W. B. Pirnie '15, and E. K. Carver '14 of the four-oar must be considered; as well as H. Mills '14, who rowed on last year's University eight, T. J. D. Fuller '15, W. T. Gardiner '14, and L. Saltonstall '14 who now comprise the second four-oar. Of these men all have rowed before, and all have won their Freshman numerals except Murray, who broke his arm last spring.

Besides these University squad men, the Freshman squad promises to contribute several men of University calibre. The Freshman crew at present is composed of very large men, and is a strong crew. C. E. Schall, E. W. Soucy, and A. T. Lyman in particular, are large men who should sooner or later find places in the University crew, while Captain D. P. Morgan and stroke L. S. Chichester, although smaller, are extremely good oarsmen.

A Well-Balanced Track Team.

The material available for next year's track team seems to promise a well-balanced aggregation, rather than one abounding in performers. There are a few men far above the average, but the main strength of the team will lie in the steadiness rather than phenominal ability of most of its members. Of the 17 point-winners in the Yale meet, 6 will be lost by graduation, and of the 8 who placed in the intercollegiates, 4 will not return. The men lost by graduation are, generally speaking, the strongest on the team, so that the weakness thus caused will be greater than usual. But the remaining material is excellent, and many men who have not been heard from at all this year may be expected to develop rapidly.

In the 100 and 220-yard dashes W. B. Adams, the best man, has graduated; but R. Tower '15 may be counted upon to fill his place well. Among the other likely candidates are J. I. Abbott '14, J. L. Foley '15, and E. H. Mahan and W. Rollins of the Freshman team.

In the quarter-mile, Captain Barron may be expected to show even better form than he did this year. He is one of the fastest of college runners, and may always be depended upon. With J. C. Rock '15 as second man, and with F. J. O'Brien '14, W. J. Bingham '16, and G. Lamont '16 to back up the first two, this should easily be one of the team's strongest events.

The best men in the half-mile are F. W. Koch '14 and F. W. Capper '15. The latter especially may be expected to develop rapidly, and a fast field should be provided by E. P. Stone '15, W. J. Bingham '16 who won the event in the Freshman meet with Yale, and G. Lamont '16 who placed third.

In the mile, H. P. Lawless and H. M. Warren have graduated, leaving the weight of responsibility upon H. G. MacLure '15, who can be counted upon to hear it well. Among the possibilities are A. C. Hawkes '14 and W. W. Kent '16, the latter the fastest man in this event on the Freshman team. In the two-mile, R. St. B. Boyd '14, who won this event against Yale, remains the standby. With the assistance of B. S. Carter '15, F. H. Blackman '14, B. V. Zamore '15, and W. Edgar '16, the team should continue very strong in the distance runs.

In the hurdles, the departure of Captain Cummings weakens the team, but A. L. Jackson '14 will still be here. The most promising other men are T. O. Freeman '14, W. G. Brackett '14, J. O. Johnstone '16, and F. S. Allen '16.

In the high-jump, the departure of A. W. Moffatt '13 will be felt, though J. B. Camp '15 has been showing up remarkably well this year. E. C. B. Danforth '15 and F. H. Mahn '15 are both good men. The real competition for Camp, however, will come from J. O. Johnstone of the Freshman team.

T. Cable '13 and P. G. M. Austin '13 occupied roles in the broad jump which it will be very difficult to fill. If, however, J. A. Garvey '14, D. A. Park '15, H. L. Allen, Jr., '14, develop properly, the weakness here may not be great. The real dependance will undoubtedly fall upon J. O. Johnstone, of the Freshman team.

The graduation of Cable also leases the hammer-throw an uncertain quantity. H. S. Sturgis '14 and D. Burch '14 are, however, good men, though not as yet in Cable's class. The Freshman team seems to have nothing to offer in this event.

In the shot-put, R. B. Batchelder '18 was unfortunately prevented from Ifvins. up to his enviable record of last year by a broken wrist. The responsibility will fall next year, as this, mainly upon C. E. Brickley '15 and H. R. Hardwick '15. R. T. P. Storer '14, J. C. Talbot '15, and J. A. Gilman, Jr., '16, should also prove valuable.

Brilliant Baseball Prospects.

The prospects for the University baseball team for 1914 are the best that have appeared for many seasons. Only four regulars will be lost by graduation, Felton, Tomes, Young, and Hardy; and the 1916 team, which defeated the Yale freshmen, has a number of men who will help to patch up the weak spots in this year's nine.

The main problem to be met next year will be in developing a battery. Young has caught regularly for two years and his place will be hard to fill. However, Osborn has been playing good ball this season and should be much better before the real games of the 1914 schedule are played. Richardson, of the Freshman team, has caught a consistent game all season and should fill in as a second string catcher. In addition to these men Waterman, who has been on the University squad all season, and Starbuck, catcher on the second team, will be available.

The pitching situation presents a more serious aspect. Felton, who has been the mainstay in the box this season, and Hardy, who played in the Yale series last year, will be lost by graduation. R. B. Frye '15, who has alternated with Felton, H. R. Hitchcock '14 and W. Whitney '16, of the Freshman team, will be back, however, and should form the nucleus for a fair string of pitchers.

R. R. Ayres '15 will be back to take charge of first base but he will meet with keen competition for the position in Captain H. L. Nash, of the 1916 team. Nash is considered one of the best all-around ball players who ever entered the University.

At second, S. P. Clark '14 will undoubtedly retain his position, while Captain D. J. P. Wingate '14 will again be at short stop. At third base more trouble arises as A. H. Tomes '13 will be lost by graduation. M. B. Phillips '15, who has played third base in some of the games this season, and F. G. Fripp and W. W. Demelman of the Freshman team will be the leading candidates for the position.

This year's outfield, E. A. Alsop '15, H. R. Hardwick '15, and R. T. Gannett '15, will remain intact for next year. In addition to these men, J. A. Milholland '14, who was prevented from playing most of this season by iliness, C. W. Curtis, Jr., '14, Fripp and E. W. Mahan of the 1916 team will be available for positions in the outer garden.

As a whole, then, there seems to be more available material for next year than has been the case for many years. With Doctor Sexton coaching again, and the men well grounded in his style of play, the 1914 baseball team should approach the high water mark of baseball at Harvard.

Promising Football Material.

About a nucleus of nine varsity players next year's football team will be built. It's preliminary prospects, though extremely uncertain, as preliminary prospects always are, are good. In the line there will be veteran players for every position, except one end, and in the backfield, the position of quarterback will call for the only new regular. More-over, twelve men who were members of the first varsity squad last fall, but who did not win their letters, will return to the game in September. Add to these a number of first class men from the 1916 Freshman team, and it will be easy to see the strength of the core about which to make the team.

In the line, Captain R. T. P. Storer '14 and H. R. Hitchcock, Jr., '14 at the tackles seem to be the mainstays from last fall's team. W. T. Gardiner '14, who was prevented by injury from playing on the 1912 team, will return this year and try for a tackle position, though it seems more probable that he will be a candidate for end. He and F. J. O'Brien '14, who won his "H" last fall, would make a formidable pair of ends. Inside the tackles, S. B. Pennock '15 and W. H. Trumbull, Jr., '15, guards, will probably find places, both of them being veterans of Freshman and varsity teams. And between them, there is every reason to suppose that Wigglesworth will take his place at centre. He will have a strong competition, however, in the person of Soucy, centre on the 1915 Freshman team. Gilman, right tackle for last fall's Freshmen, has been mentioned as a promising candidate for a place in the line.

The powerful backfield that C. E. Brickley '15, H. R. Hardwick '15, and F. J. Bradlee '15 will present from the beginning of the season, a string of backs who have already played a year on a Freshman team and a year on a University team together, should make a wellnigh unsurpassed backfield, lacking only Captain Wendell of this year's eleven. Miller and McKinlock from the 1916 team will make promising substitutes. At quarterback, however, will come the great problem of the season. Freedley and Logan, last year's substitutes, will return; but what seems a probable solution is the plan so try Mahan, captain and halfback on the 1916 Freshman team, at quarterback, where he was given a trial in spring practice. Watson, the Freshman quarter, will also be in the running.

To take Felton's place as a punter, there will be Hardwick, who, though not as sure nor as pretty a kicker as his team-mate, can punt on an average about as far. As for drop-kicking, Brickley is still in College. For line-plunging, where Wendell was so valuable, there is room for development. Hardwick and Brickley are both good men in a broken field and Bradlee shines on the defence, but none of them can compare with Wendell in line-tearing.

To drill the men the University is extremely fortunate in having secured the services of Coach Haughton again. His assistants are not definitely decided upon, but will probably include Coaches L. O. Leary '01, R. B. Wigglesworth '12, L. Withington '11, P. Withington '09, and D. C. Parmenter '13

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