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Announcements Regarding Accommodations to the Races on Friday.


Special train service on the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad from Boston, New Haven and New York to New London on Friday will be as follows:

From Boston the first special train will leave the South Station at 11.30 A. M., stopping at Back Bay at 11.34 A. M., and at Providence, R. I., at 12.35 P. M., arriving in New London at 2.10 P. M. This train will be made up of coaches and parlor cars.

A special train will leave New York for New London at the same hour, due in New Haven at 1.15 P. M., and in New London at 2.25 P. M.

Trains Returning to Boston.

Returning, a special train to Boston, made up of parlor cars and coaches, will leave tracks 12 and 20 in the passenger yard just west of the New London passenger station 20 minutes after the finish of the University race, stopping at Providence and Back Bay only enroute to the South Station. A special through train to New York, made up in a similar fashion, will leave New London from the tracks directly in front of the station ten minutes after the finish of the Varsity race, stopping only at New London and Stamford. In case of postponement of the University race until next day, trains will leave New London as soon as possible after such official notice has been given.

The round trip fares from Boston will be $3.50 on the special coach train, and $5.60 in parlor cars; from Providence special coach train $2.25, parlor cars $3.30; from New York in coaches $5.10, in parlor cars $6.60.

No Trains in Time for Morning Races.

There is no early morning train service out of Boston which will carry passengers to New London in time for the university four-oared race at 9.15 o'clock, and the freshman race immediately following. Persons wishing to witness these events will find it necessary to leave Boston Thursday night.

In addition to the two observation trains which will be run along the course for the university and freshman races, there will also be service on a number of boat lines for the university race in the afternoon. The steamer Richard Peck will leave New Haven from Belle Dock at 10.30 A. M. to anchor as near the finish of the university race as possible, returning immediately after the race. Fares $2 and $1.

The steamer Chester W. Chapin will leave the wharf at New London at 2.30 P. M. and will take a similar position to that occupied by the Peck, returning immediately after the race. Fares 75 cents and 40 cents.

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