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The expected hard game with Williams yesterday failed to materialize, the University team winning easily by the score of 5 to 1, Felton pitched a masterly game and was invincible throughout the entire nine innings. He allowed but one scratch hit, that by Gillette in the third inning. As usual, he had the visitors fanning at the ball from all possible angles, striking out fourteen and forcing the others to hit lightly into safe territory.

Pitcher Steadied Down Too Late.

Hodge, who defeated Yale at New Haven last Wednesday, started in the box for Williams but was removed after Alsop, the first man up for Harvard, singled to left field. Cutler replaced him, and fared very badly in the first inning, the University team scoring four runs. Later, however, he settled down and pitched good ball, especially with men on bases. But his good work came too late, his team being unable to overcome the lead which Harvard obtained in the first session.

Hardwick atoned for his recent slump in batting by two timely hits for a total of five bases. His home-run in the first inning was one of the longest and hardest drives ever made on Soldiers Field. Captain Wingate and Clark also hit well, each having two safe drives to his credit. In the field, the team played good ball, the two errors not proving disastrous in any way. Owing to Felton's masterly pitching, however, there was not much fielding to be done.

How Scoring Was Done.

The University team scored all its runs in the first and fifth innings. Alsop, the first batter for Harvard singled to left and went to second when Higinbotham muffed the ball. He reached third on a passed ball by Lewis, scoring on Wingate's single between short-stop and third base. Wingate went to second on Clark's sacrifice and scored when Ayres's hard drive went through Brown's legs. Gannett flied to Brown. Hardwick then hit a home run over Higinbotham's head in left field scoring Ayres ahead of him. Tomes singled, and went to third when Gillette muffed Young's fly to right. Felton was out, Cutler to Prindle, retiring the side.

In the fifth inning, Clark singled and reached second on Ayres's out at first. He went to their on Gannett's single, scoring when Hardwick knocked another hard drive to left field.

Williams Made But One Hit.

Williams's single tally came in the third. Brown got to second when Alsop muffed his long fly to left. Cutler struck out, but Statler drew a base on balls. Gillette then got Williams's only hit of the game, scoring Brown. The next batters, Ainslie and Swain, struck out.

The summary:

HARVARD  a.b.  r.  b.h.  p.o.  a.  e.Alsop, l.f.  5  1  1  1  0  1Wingate, s.s.  5  1  2  0  0  1Clark, 2b.  3  1  2  1  2  0Ayres, 1b.  4  1  0  8  1  0Gannett, r.f.  3  0  1  2  0  0Hardwick, c.f.  4  1  2  2  0  0Tomes, 3b.  3  0  1  0  1  0Young, c.  3  0  1  13  1  0Felton, p.  3  0  0  0  2  0Totals,  33  5  10  27  7  2WILLIAMS  a.b.  r.  b.h.  p.o.  a.  e.Statler, c.f.  3  0  0  0  0  0Gillette, r.f.  4  0  1  0  0  1Ainslie, 2b.  4  0  0  3  3  0Swain, eb.  4  0  0  2  2  0Lewis, c.  1  0    4  1  0Prindle, 1b.  4  0  0  8  1  1Higinbotham, l.f.  4  0  0  2  0  1Brown, s.s.  3  1  0  5  2  1Hodge, p.  0  0  0  0  0  0Culter, p.  3  0  0  0  4  0Totals,  30  1  1  24  13  

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