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On account of the difficulty for many students of attending a full six weeks' course at one of the summer military camps at Gettysburg or California, the War Department has devised a plan whereby it is possible to attend one of the camps for any consecutive four weeks of the entire period from July 7 to August 15. The object of establishing the camps is to increase the personnel of the United States trained military reserve and to give college men the advantages of military discipline and out-door life. The Department wishes it understood, however, that attendance at one of the two camps does not incur any future military obligation.

The expenses of the trip will include transportation to and from the camp, the cost of uniforms (about $7.66 per man), and subsistence (about ($1.75 per week). A complete list of the articles to be purchased and of those furnished by the government will be found in the issue of the CRIMSON for May 2. Applications for admittance to the camps must be forwarded to the War Department on or before June 20. Members of the University wishing to attend who have not already applied should communicate with A. J. Lowrey '13, Holworthy 5, at once.

War Department Letter.

Major General Wood's letter in regard to this shortening of the term of encampment and the progress made is printed in full below: War Department,

Office of the Chief of Staff, Washington.

To whom it may concern:

1. On account of numerous requests from university and college presidents and others to allow certain students, whose studies or other duties would prevent their attendance for the entire period, to attend the summer camp of instruction at Gettysburg for a shorter period than the full six weeks' course originally contemplated, it has been decided: has been written for the occasion by C. T. Ryder '06, which promises to be one of the most stirring features of the celebration. Also an old anthem will be sung which was used by the students in the eighteenth century for a celebration similar to this pageant. The music has been reset by P. L. Atherton '93. The rest of the music is the work of Dr. A. T. Davison '06. The Harvard Memorial Society, which is co-operating with the Hollis men in the celebration, will publish the text of the pageant, and will distribute copies to the Hollis men. A limited number will also be on sale at the pageant.

Speakers at Dinner in Union.

At the dinner in the Union, following the pageant, the toastmaster will be Professor Bruce Wyman '96, of the Law School. Among the speakers will be President Elliot, President Lowell and F. J. Swayze '79, of the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Music will be provided by a double quartette from the Glee Club.

Tickets to the pageant, admitting ladies or gentlemen, may be procured by members of the University for $1 each and by others for $1.50 each, upon application to E. V. Moncrieff '14, Randolph 39, or F. E. Richter '13, Hollis 24. There will be no reserved seats, and the number of tickets is limited. Hollis Hall graduates of the University who attend the dinner or who have contributed to the fund will be admitted free of charge

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