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With a large squad of candidates for the University and for the Freshman baseball teams reporting to Coach Sexton on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon prospects of a profitable fall practice are exceedingly bright.

The work yesterday consisted of a short practice, followed by ten innings of close play between the team chosen by Coach Sexton and that by Captain Wingate. The former's team was victorious, 3 to 2. Although the game was necessarily interrupted by the shifting of the line-ups, the two nines played in style unusually good for the first work-out. The fielding was more finished than the hitting was heavy. Captain Wingate starred with the stick for his men, and Heyer and Fripp batted heavily for Coach Sexton's nine. The latter team lead throughout the larger part of the game, the advantage being due apparently to better slab men. Two of the winners' runs were scored by runners who were given bases on balls as a result of the opposing twirler's wildness. No hurler was allowed to stay in the box long, however, this being the first day of work, and the wildness was not an unexpected fault for this early in the season.

The teams at the first of the game, before the numerous substitutions were made, lined up as follows: CAPTAIN'S TEAM.  COACH'S TEAM. Nash, 1b.  2b., Heyer Wingate, s.s.  s.s., Cartmell Donovan, c.  1b., Ayres Phillips, 3b.  r.f., Gannett West, r.f.  3b., Fripp Kenney, l.f.  c., Erwin Harvey, 2b.  c.f., Curtis Coolidge, c.f.  l.f., Lord Frye, p.  p., Wright

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