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Commission Announces Afternoon and Evening Courses for 1913-14.


The announcement of the courses which will be offered by the Commission on Extension Courses during the year 1913-14 has been prepared, and the list is given below. The commission represents Harvard University, Tufts College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston College, Boston University, Museum of Fine Arts, Wellesley College, and Simmons College, and is empowered to confer the degree of Associate in Arts at Harvard, Radcliffe, Tufts, and Wellesley. All of the following courses, which are open to both men and women who are properly qualified, will carry credit toward such a degree except when otherwise stated. Further information may by obtained by addressing the Commission on Extension Courses, 19 University Hall, Cambridge.

Courses Offered.

The courses to be given and the instructors are as follows:


Elementary English composition, Mr. F. W. C. Hersey; Elementary French, Professor James Geddes, Jr.; History of English Literature, Professor E. Charlton Black; Principles of Economics, Professor Henry C. Metcalf; Money, Banking and Crisis, Professor Edmund E. Day; Statistics, Professor Roxana H. Vivian; Governments and Politics of Today, Professor Frederic A. Ogg.


English Composition (advanced course), Professor Dallas Gore Sharp; Nineteenth Century English Literature, Professor Charles T. Copeland; Second-year French (second course), Professor James Geddes. Jr.; Elementary German, Professor Marshall L. Perrin; Second-year German (second course), Professor Marshall L. Perrin; Analysis and Appreciation of Music, Professor John P. Marshall; History of Greek Art, Dr. Lacey D. Caskey.


The following courses are in the Teachers' School of Science. A special descriptive circular may be had on application to the Director, Professor George H. Barton, 234 Berkeley street, Boston:

Lithology (second-year class), Professor George H. Barton; Historical Geology, Professor George H. Barton.

Geography (Geography of the United States), Professor Elizabeth F. Fisher; Botany (Psysiological Botany), Professor W. J. V. Osterhout; General Zoology, Professor G. H. Parker.

A fee is charged to those taking the above courses varying from $2.50 to $15 per course. In addition to the above courses, all of which are given under the auspices of the Commission on Extension Courses, attention is called to certain independent courses.

Under the auspices of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Lowell Institute Evening School for Industrial Foremen offers two courses in industrial science, one mechanical and the other electrical, each extending over two years. They are intended for young men in industrial pursuits who desire to fit themselves for higher positions. No fee is charged.

Boston University offers on Saturdays and late in the afternoons of other days courses in Anglo-Saxon, English, French, German, Italian, Sanskrit, Education, Drama, Music, and Hygiene.

Boston College offers evening courses in Philosophy and Ethics, and English Literature.

Simmons College offers on Saturdays and late afternoons of other days courses in Stenotypy, Advanced Accounts, Accounting, Sewing, History of Art, Appreciation of Art, Modern Continental Literature, and Horticulture

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