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The University football squad went through a long and hard practice on Soldiers Field yesterday, the actual scrimmaging lasting over an hour. During this time a total of 36 points was rolled up by the regulars, without much difficulty A great many substitutions were made, more than ever before, so that the coaches were given ample opportunity to size up their men.

Pennock, though on the field in his clothes, was again absent from the line-up, his place being filled by Weston and Mills. The latter plays rather high on the line, and in general shows rack of training. Yet he is very heavy, firm under attack, and has lots of grit and muscle. Under the tuition he is receiving from Bob Fisher and the Withingtons, his work should show vast improvement in the course of a couple of weeks Soucy appeared at centre during about half of the scrimmage, and also showed a lack of acquaintance with the fine points of the game. Trumbull, the regular first string centre, was on the field, but was given a rest.

All six of the candidates for the quarterback position were tried out, Freedley, Logan and Watson showing up the best on account of their experience. Of the other three,--Bradlee, Rollins, and Mahan,--the former easily outdid his rivals. He handled the team with such good judgement and sureness that his work was much of a surprise. Mahan, who also played at half, seemed much more at home in the latter position. His runs equaled Hardwick's in dash and brilliancy, and it does not seem improbable that in a few days he will be permanently removed from the quarterback race.

Spectacular runs and long dashes around end by Hardwick and Brickley were very frequent before they were relieved by the substitutes. The ease with which holes were opened for them and the regularity of their twenty and thirty-yard gains made one suspect that this year's second team is unusually weak. When other men replaced them, however, the long gains disappeared almost entirely, except when the ball was given to Mahan.

Brickley made the first score on a sensational rush from midfield, and the third after a series of line plunges. The second was made by Hardwick, and the fourth by Bradlee after much ineffectual rushing. By this time the entire team was made up of substitutes, and although they were put on the defence for a long period, the seconds were not able to gain substantially After much scrimmaging the University again obtained possession of the ball, forced it into scoring position, and rushed Wallace across the line. The final score was made by Rollins at quarter.

Of the seven men trying out for the end positions,--O'Brien, Dana, Coolidge, Milholland, Smith, Gardiner, and L. Curtis,--O'Brien and Coolidge thus far have easily the best of the argument. Gardiner was not in the line-up yesterday, but is expected to appear there very shortly. The work of L. Curtis, of last year's Freshman team, seemed to indicate that he possesses capability of development into a speedy and valuable substitute.

The line-up of the University at the start of the afternoon, including a few of the many substitutions, follows: l.e., O'Brien and Milholland; l.t., Storer; l.g., Cowen; c., Soucy; r.g., Weston and Mills; r.t., Hitchcock and Gilman; r.e., Dana and Coolidge; q.b., Logan, Bradlee and Freedley; l.h.b., Hardwick and Mahan; r.h.b., Brickley and Bettle; f.b., Willetts

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