At the meeting held in the Union last evening for all those interested in track work, the attendance was 119. Captain W. A. Barron, Jr., '14, presided and talked briefly on the importance of fall track work both in the development of the team and of the individual. With football holding the centre of interest, enthusiasm in the fall season is apt to be much less than it should be, unless everyone takes it upon himself to see to it that he keeps steadily at work. W. M. Rand '09, captain of the 1909 track team pointed out the need and value of headwork and brainwork in connection with all forms of track competition. It is this that wins many an event and meet. Each man must continually practice and study the form which is best suited to his particular case and it is the fall season which gives the necessary time for this development.

More Cross-Country Men Needed.

As only about 45 men have as yet reported for cross-country work on both the University and Freshman squads, Captain R. St.B. Boyd '14 felt that it is very important that more men should come out if the fine record of last year is to be maintained. It was with the idea of making this sport more attractive that the new Wellington Hill course has been selected close at hand.

Mr. W. F. Garcelon '96, former graduate treasurer, expressed his sincere interest in track work and his intention of keeping in close touch with the team. P. Withington '12, captain of the track team in 1912, dwelt upon the other phases of track work which are too often neglected,--keeping up studies and keeping in fairly good condition between seasons.

The fall season for track men who cannot take part in the regular cross-country work begins next Monday, when Coaches Donovan and Powers will be on hand at the field.