Speakers' Club to Arrange Meetings for the Encouragement of Interest in Outside Problems.

In order to arouse undergraduate interest in momentous outside problems, a thing lamentably lacking among college men, the Speakers' Club plans to hold open meetings after the mid-year examinations for general discussion of outside problems, these meetings to be open to all members of the University. This plan has received the hearty support of the Faculty and the co-operation of this body is assured.

The meetings are to come once every month and the discussion will be centered around topics of current political, economic, and sociological problems. At each meeting, a professor of one of the departments devoted to the study of political, economic, or sociological subjects will give a review of the current happenings relating to the topic under consideration. A general discussion will follow these talks, giving the men an excellent opportunity to express their opinions clearly and concisely in a forum through which the best thought on current problems will receive widespread recognition. Definite plans will be drawn up shortly after mid-years.

These meetings must not be confused with the University Forum, which will be reserved, as announced, primarily for the discussion of undergraduate problems.

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