Ushers for the Brown Game

The following men, who have been appointed ushers for the Brown game tomorrow, must get ushers' admittance tickets at the H. A. A. Office this afternoon between the hours of 3.30 and 5.30, or tomorrow morning between 8 and 6.00. Identification cards in the form of Co-operative tickets or Bursar's cards must be represented in order to obtain a ticket.

Luncheon will be served in the baseball cage for all ushers at 11 o'clock tomorrow. All men must be at their posts by 12.15 o'clock. No substitutes will be allowed.

Men marked A stand at first entrance under Stadium; men marked B usher at opening of first entrance; men marked C-usher at second entrance; men marked D-usher on the colonade; and men marked E usher on the wooden stands on the track.

The following section heads have been appointed: Section 1, H. S. Keelan; Section 2, W. C. Murray; Section 3, E. Davison; Section 4, S. J. Beck; Section 5, F. Fremont-Smith; Section 6, C. L. Churchill; Section 7, M. Silbert; Section 8, W. B. Tippetts; Section 9, J. W. Ryan; Section 10, H. F. Eastman; Section 11, H. W. Gleason; Section 12, M. J. Hamburg; Section 13, S. L. Bergheim; Section 14, E. G. Mead; Section 15, K. L. Viall; Section 16, E. Fairfield; Section 17, J. T. Beal; Section 18, W. B. Feiga; Section 19, W. F. Savale; Section 20, E. N. Wright; Section 21, S. P. Rice; Section 22, H. C. Gill; Section 23, G. Gaylor; Section 24, R. Bruce; Section 25, J. Forrester; Section 26, H. H. Breland; Section 27, P. Rabenold; Section 28, E. T. Cohen; Section 29, G. P. Pennoyer; Section 30, W. Tibbetts; Section 31, W. G. Eliot; Section 32, E. A. Herminghaus; Section 33, R. W. Nelson; Section 34, W. E. Nightingale; Section 35, W. E. Griffiths Jr.; Section 36, G. W. Tobin; Section 37, A. C. Keck; at end of Stadium in-Section 37, T. G. Ross; Section 39, W. I. Deffenbough; Section 40, M. Cohen; Section 41, C. E. Coleman; Section 42, A. E. Marks; Section 43, G. T. Spencer; Section 44, W. S. Murphy; Section 45, E. H. Jollis; Section 46, W. F. Campbell; Section 47, L. E. Dickerson; Section 48, W. M. Silverman. H. Daniels in charge of reserved seat side. The following regular ushers have been appointed: Section 1, K. L. MacLachlan and H. P. Paine (A); W. H. Bartlett and G. M. Mendelson (B); A. S. Ginsburg (C); C. H. Jameson (D); L. V. Alexis (E). Section 2, C. A. Newman and O. D. Overton (A); E. A. Benner and R. J. Bearse (B); L. Lorenz (C); B. Robinson (D); H. P. Moore (E). Section 3, A. Eliot and S. Miller (A); R. H. Randall and R. F. Arragon (B); J. H. Crawford (C); W. W. Toomey (D); E. C. Ehrensperger (E). Section 4, J. J. Keating and E. T. Feinburg (A); R. Crane and H. S. Walker (B); J. Coggeshal (C); K. M. Elish (D); D. Sagor (E). Section 5, T. Lang and L. C. Roberts (A); L. Myrick and H. M. Hite (B); W. C. Himmer (C); I. Robinovitz (D); A. Shoenfield (E). Section 6, D. Davis and B. H. Torrance (A); J. C. Sullivan and F. J. Simon (B); P. P. Cohen (C); C. N. Loud (D); E. W. Giblin (E). Section 7, H. S. Anderson and E. A. Tarr (A); E. F. Melvin and H. Mazer (B); W. H. Hutchinson, Jr., (C); A. L. G. Jensen (D); F. W. Dana (E). Section 8, E. T. Donahue and R. H. Kenyon (A); R. A. May and B. Bernson (B); W. R. Osgood (C); M. S. Cohen (D); H. P. Cotter (E). Section 9, F. M. Bullard and M. Taylor (A); W. H. Babbitt and D. Lewis (B); F. W. Dunn (C); W. N. Neaver (D); F. P. Beal (E). Section 10, W. L. Walker and W. W. Loud (A); M. A. Cohen and H. S. Finkel (B); M. Klein (C); N. E. Lincoln (D); C. Wyche (E). Section 11, W. A. Hermanson and H. Hoffman (A); W. A. O'Brien and W. R. McAllaster (B); M. Green (C); W. E. MacCurdy (D); J. D. Bibb (E). Section 12, H. A. Swan and E. C. Grover (A); T. M. Besinger and N. G. Krichbaum (B); N. Muskin (C); W. S. Slocum (D); J. E. Haskin (E). Section 13, P. D. Woodbridge and H. C. Files (A); R. B. Brown and C. I. Silin (B); V. G. Kirov (C); V. A. Kramer (D); M. Lavetts (E). Section 14, J. P. Higgins and O. C. Brewer (A); W. H. Beckman and W. S. Charack (B); B. J. Mattuck (C); T. K. Selkirk (D). J. Marshall in charge of seats in Bowl. Section 15, E. Epstein and P. E. Fardy (A); W. Lewis and W. B. Washburn (B); N. C. Little (C); C. E. Dill (D). Section 16, S. E. Kaiper and J. D. Schwartz (A); R. W. Brink and A. I. Bloomberg (B); E. F. Moore (C); C. B. Sherwood (D). Section 17, R. H. Schein and S. G. Burroughs (A); W. L. Cunningham and F. B. Sargent (B); D. E. Currier (C); H. W. Robbins (D). Section 18, S. Morse and H. W. Radoosky (A); P. Barnett and C. G. Severy (B); T. D. Boole (C); E. B. Flu (D). Section 19, P. I. Light and E. A. Bigelow (A); C. K. Horwitz and C. P. Lindall (B); W. F. Coward (C); H. B. Berman (D). Section 20, F. A. Williams and P. G. De Rosay (A); E. A. Peoples and R. W. Gatchell (B); P. H. Heartley (C); H. E. Freedman (D). Section 21, J. Anslander and G. B. Watts (A); B. F. Andrew and M. L. Lewis (B); L. M. Swoope (C); E. C. Davidson (D). Section 22, P. Klein and C. K. Briggs (A); A. Hyman and E. Epstein (B); H. Cohen (C); J. Rose (D). Section 23, L. S. Walling and E. P. Perkins (A); S. T. Barker and H. K. Goldberger (B); N. W. Levy (C); W. T. Hutchinson (D). Section 24, J. S. Moran and B. Strauch (A); C. Nemser and J. F. Downing (B); G. K. Noble (C); A. N. Sonnabend (D). Section 25, A. E. Ralia and R. W. Brown (A); J. J. Robinson and T. C. Bookout (B); C. S. Shaughnessay (C); L. M. Vanderpyl (D). Section 26, E. Adams and E. P. Sheehan, (A); E. J. Wall and J. D. McKinley (B); J. B. Shohan (C); C. M. Derry (D); A. Cooper (E). Section 27, T. Kendrick and F. H. Copeland (A); S. Wheeler and E. Wolf (B); M. S. Mattuck (C); M. S. Gaunt (D); E. Copeland (E). Section 28, T. P. Joy and R. Cohen (A); H. Epstein and F. A. Whitney (B); H. C. Lynch (C); F. G. Guild (D); S. E. Sackneff (E). Section 29, P. Eliot and R. P. Bridgeman (A); H. R. Guild and P. Campos (B); R. H. Garrison (C); J. Russell, Jr., (D); L. C. Henin (E). Section 30, N. M. Freedman and W. B. Southworth (A); L. E. Etlinch and J. R. Campbell, Jr., (B); E. F. McCabe (C); J. A. Landisman (D); L. B. Kagan (E). Section 31, F. L. Single and A. M. Herbsman (A); H. W. Flagg and H. M. Landisman (B); A. Kervatsky (C); E. R. Cummings (D); V. D. Nicholson (E). Section 32, W. C. Packard and J. H. Zimmerman (A); B. J. Snyder and H. H. Parker (B); D. J. Mackenzie (C); P. C. Bentley (D); W. C. Tinell (E). Section 33, E. T. Cohen and C. M. Durgin (A); C. F. Crofley and F. J. Crein (B); J. O. S. Van Heerdan (C); H. H. Tewkesbury (D); L. T. Stratton (E). Section 34, F. Danehy and W. H. Brehaut (A); E. G. Brehaut and D. J. Grant (B); B. H. Torrance (C); J. K. Fisher (D); P. C. Knowlton (E). Section 35, P. Benton and W. Young (A); E. Ettlinger and H. L. Ettlinger (B); W. Richmond, Jr., (C); H. A. Sargent (D); A. M. Rogers (E). Section 36, M. L. Berman and E. W. Siskind (A); L. Brentano and D. D. Crenshaw (B); H. W. Smith (C); P. S. York (D); M. L. Levine (E). Section 37, U. E. Wild and R. Wilkins (A); J. B. Noell and W. E. Nash (B); E. Backup (C); L. L. Fitz (D); H. L. Blumgart (E). S. F. Nash in charge of wooden stands. Section 39, R. G. Donahue (A); W. T. E. Gleason (B); A. D. Andrews (C). Section 40, L. A. Bruce (A); B. S. Collins (B); A. R. Simms (C). Section 41, C. L. Parker (A); L. M. Middlemas (B); D. J. O'Keeke (C). Section 42, O. D. Overton (A); J. Prout (B); H. W. Porter (C). Section 43, F. D. Comerford (A); R. D. Holbean (B); J. S. Dole (C). Section 44, I. Breeding (A); B. L. Stradley (B); H. O. Hackhouse (C). Section 45, C. L. Sushelsky (A); D. H. Finkelstein (B); L. M. Farrin (C). Section 46, T. A. David (A); H. W. Robbins (B); A. W. Wright (C). Section 47, A. M. Caplan (A); O. P. Johnson (B); S. J. Gordy (C). Section 48, H. E. Skiver (A); W. H. Glennon (B); U. S. Shurch (C).

The following men report to the head usher at the Locker Building: W. B. Pirnie, C. E. Carvell, I. Rosenfeld, H. B. Dine, G. F. Baker, T. J. Reed, E. Bernard, M. Cohen, L. R. Bailey, P. H. Weiss, A. L. Deutchman, G. Wasser, H. M. Glick, A. Hairtlem, J. M. Looney, H. Rose, L. O. Wright, H. A. Hartman, E. L. Sinclair, E. H. Shaw, L. S. Levy, L. B. Arey, F. H. Evans, R. Domos, M. B. Kaplowitz, F. West, H. H. Kitsis, R. N. Shaw, H. C. Lindell, S. N. Gardner, J. Tepper.